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Mini Archie’s July Furtle Around The Blogosphere

Furtle (v): to have a rummage or delve into the contents of something Hello! It will come as no surprise to hear that July has been a sock knitting month - it’s been far too hot to contemplate quilting E.T. Phones Home and as that is top of my list, it’s that or socks. So socks it has been. I finished off the pair I started last month: Yarn is Pinkalicious by Made By Penguins  bought in a lucky dip in, I think, 2019 I made another pair in a gorgeous self striping yarn which was a present from a lovely friend - the colours are that of the London Underground Tube map and I knitted one sock from the outside of the ball and one from the inside. Yarn is Mind The Gap by Trailing Clouds And I’m well on the way with my next pair Yarn is Opal Lucky and has a silver sparkle running through it Mini Archie has been keeping a close eye on me and is hopeful that his new ‘shelfs’ will be going up soon so we can properly unpack the workroom and get fettling that wip list! It’s luffly and sunny up here