Thursday, 1 December 2016

Polar Bears Everywhere!

The last time I mentioned my polar bear cushion (I think), I was having a bit of a dither about what to use to fill the spaces where I didn't have enough polar bears and snowflakes and had decided to start piecing and leave gaps where I thought something might go.  It turns out that piecing gaps is harder than you might think (I kept thinking I'd leave a gap and then finding I'd filled it!) so I decided to scrap all my ideas of using grey or turquoise fabric for the gaps and instead sacrificed part of the remaining polar bear fabric I was (still) hoarding, and cut more polar bears and hexagons.

Once the hexagons were pieced, I checked that my plan for the trapezia and triangles round the edge would work (I'd deliberately kept the red snowflakes away from the edges so I wouldn't end up with two prints together):
All of the hexagons are joined together in my first #Christmascushionalong cushion. I'm going to straighten the edges by adding triangles and trapezia in that red snowflake print (not fussy cut) and then I'll add a border of the red in white stars. I'm ho

 And hand pieced those in place before choosing a border, which was attached using the machine:
The centre panel of my first #Christmascushionalong cushion is complete. It just needs a good press before I can add the red star borders to bring it up to size (and make it square) and then it will be ready to layer and quilt. How's everyone else getting

I pressed the seams and marvelled at the polar bears' neat backside(s):
It seems that polar bears have neat backsides #Christmascushionalong

And then admired their front(s), with Eddie standing guard in case one of them wandered off:
The polar bears have borders. I'm going to set this one aside for now and start piecing the second of my #Christmascushionalong cushions (penguins) as then I can layer, quilt and assemble them at the same time and just do one lot of thinking/cutting/trimm

I then marked vertical quilting lines (using a hera marker) and layered up the front and back pieces.  I machine quilted in Gutermann white thread (which is lovely to use) and then added the binding.  I didn't have enough to bind the whole cushion in the stripe, so added a couple of strips of red snowflake to make up the shortfall:
My first #Christmascushionalong cushion is finished! I hand pieced the hexagons, attached the borders on the machine and machine quilted the front and back. I didn't have enough of the stripe to get all the way round, so added the red snowflake to make up

The back is quilted with wavy lines (no marking, just set off at a clip and wave from side to side like a boy racer until you get to the far side) and has a covered zip:
And the back of my first #Christmascushionalong cushion.

This is a finish from my Q4 FAL list (item seven) and I must admit that I'm rather chuffed with it!

2016 FAL

Archie grabbed the opportunity for some sunbathing the other day:

I do love the feel of the sun on my back, even when the ground beneath my tummy is damp.

Thanks for popping in!  I hope you're all getting on well with your Finish-Along lists?  Do shout if you need Archie to come round with his big stick...


  1. This turned out really nice!! I'm not much for making hexies but I sure like the look! I'll share your finish on the FAL fb page!

  2. Fabulous cushion! My admiration for making it all work out the way you wanted it, and finishing it so beautifully. My own hexies are now totally out of control, and there's a small quilt there already. That'll teach me to use large papers... Still, I have the feeling it'll turn out to be one of my favourites.
    Tell the beautiful Archie that a damp tummy is not a good recipe for slender dogs in winter. He is so very decorative, though, isn't he?

  3. No need for bug sticks here 😀😀 but I adore your polar bears xx

  4. Always never too sure how quite to quilt Hexies and you've come up with the perfect solution!
    As always . . you are brilliant at turning a quandary into a star performance!

  5. It's a fabulous finish! Lots of work has gone into this gift. Jxo

  6. thats gorgeous! love colours and fabrics.


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