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Pulled Thread Hoop

On Friday, I knocked something else off my Finish-Along list and considering it's been on my list since Q3 2015, it didn't take long to finish.  Less than an hour, in fact *hangs head*

Here's how it looked at the start of the quarter (it's item four on my list), when it was going to be turned into a pin cushion:
Pulled thread

I decided that I didn't really need another pin cushion where I had to be careful of where I'm putting pins.  In the end, I decided to stretch it in a hoop so it could be hung on my sewing room wall.

I found a strip of turquoise solid that was almost but not quite wide enough to go behind it, so I pieced another bit on with a quarter inch seam and then top stitched it to make sure it would tolerate the stretching required.  I then stretched it over the hoop and secured the back. You can just make out some of the seam at the bottom of the hoop:
I've got the backing layer for the pulled thread stretched over the hoop and secured, just the evenweave to do now. I was about 1" short on the width on this beautiful turquoise (not sure which brand it is but it's not Kona or Bella it's much finer than t

I then did the same with the pulled thread work (after giving it a quick press), but used a pale pink thread to secure it so I could easily see which thread to pull when tightening it:
Finished! I used a different colour thread for the evenweave layer to make it easier to spot which thread I was tightening. This is my fourth finish this quarter, I wonder which will be next to leave the list? #2016fal #ridiculouslylongFALlist #ridiculous

And here's the finished hoop, hanging out with the sweet peas (yes, I still have sweet peas hanging on through the frost!):
This is the front of my pulled thread hoop (you can see the back a couple of posts back), I'm so pleased I managed to use that turquoise plain behind it (if you zoom in, you can just see it peeking through the evenweave) as it's just the right shade. This

I'm really pleased with how this worked out, and it's nice to be able to finally say it's finished!  When the time comes, I'll be linking up with the Finish-Along:
2016 FAL

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a cup of tea and a nap calling my name.  And several penguins clamouring for attention and wanting to be made into a cushion front, would you like to see?
Thirty-six penguins #contrarytoexpectationsitturnsoutIdidntmakeanextraone #Christmascushionalong

Or maybe they should be jumbled up so the cushion has no right way up?  Let me know what you think!
Thirty-six (jumbled) penguins

Eddie's come to stay for a couple of days, and Archie thought he'd try out the cage for size.  Eddie didn't want him getting any ideas:
No, I won't shuffle back, I didn't ask you to come in here with me to show me round, please get out.  Or stay there, because you make a very good head rest.

And Eddie can't quite believe what a relaxed attitude we have to teatime:
Too early for tea
Archie: I'm telling you, it's not time for tea yet.
Eddie: It must be!  I'm famished!  Honestly, my stomach thinks my throat's been cut!
Archie: Too early,  I've heard that many times before and I know the signs.
Eddie: No, I don't believe you.  If we sit here for long enough and look appealing enough, she'll give in.
Archie: (sighs) She won't.

Thanks for popping in!


  1. Your hoop is so pretty. I personally like the penguins all standing on the same ground, like they might on a hill, but this is also often a question I have, stand the group one way or mix them up, as both are nice.

  2. I prefer the jumbled up penguins, mini Bud agrees, mind you after causing so much mischief he would say black was white if I wanted him too 😉 xx

  3. I prefer them all upright and facing the same way... That pulled threadwork in the hoop is so pretty, I'd love to see a bigger piece.

  4. Always lovely to see your very beautiful makes on IG initially . . however . . . .they always appear to be made by Heavenly Angels every time I see the photo on your blog. So much clearer and gobsmackingly gorgeous!

  5. The embroidery is lovely, but I really love the penguins! I'd have them higgledepigglydi (?) but I know I'd have to have it the right way up if there is a right and wrong!

  6. OK I know I am here to comment on your finish and it is gorgeous but those penguins!!!! I need to have those!! What pattern are those?

    Oh and....Thank you for sharing and for participating in the 2016 FAL. Hope to see you at the 2017 FAL. Commenting on behalf of the 2016 Global FAL Host Team. HaHaHa


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