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Sunday Summary Of An Odd Week...

...but I don't know why it's been an odd week so I'm going to blame the clocks going back!  I also don't feel like I've got anything done, so let's see what I can pull out of the hat, eh?

I reached a couple of milestones on the blue and white quilt's hand quilting.  Here's Mini Archie helping me celebrate the first one:

This is #widn, @two_wednesdays! Mini Archie and I are having a wee celebration because I've just hit the three-quarters point on these stars! (Archie is upstairs in bed and so is missing out on getting to try my thimbles for size.) Tagging @lilysquilts, @
Three quarters of the way there!!!

And here's Archie wondering whether he'll get his tea before I reach the next milestone:

I'm sure it's teatime.  Tell me it's teatime.  
A while later, after Archie's tea, I hit the milestone!
And that makes one hundred! 'Just' twenty-seven to go, but I'm not starting them tonight, I'm swapping to my #Christmascushionalong hexies. Joining @charmaboutyou for the #saturdaynightcraftalong #handquilting
One hundred stars quilted!  (Just 27 to go!)

I've even bought the binding fabric, as I had a discount code for Simply Solids and wanted to use it before it ran out.  It arrived yesterday and I think it's going to work well:
Binding for the blue and white quilt, from Simply Solids.

I'm now aiming to get it finished for either Christmas, or Mam's birthday in early January.  I was doing two stars a day during October, but dropped to one a day from 1st November so I can get some other sewing done, particularly the two Christmas cushions I want to make (and a table runner from the leftovers) and I'm also going to start quilting my Christmas quilt again, once the Christmas fairy visits with some Christmas feeling...  (It's too early!!)

I have managed to spend some time piecing the polar bear hexagons for my first Christmas cushion and it currently looks like this:
I'm making progress with my first Christmas cushion!
In need of a good press

I seem to have either miscounted the hexagons (I had enough a couple of nights ago!) or I've lost one, so I need to cut another to go above that red snowflake in the top right corner.  It might be stuck to the blue and white quilt, I'll have to spread it out and check!

I've finished the facing on my needlecord pinafore version of the Kate dress by Sew Me Something (the pinafore version is my own alteration to the pattern, not one available with the pattern) and joined the shoulders, so I just have the hem to do and I can wear it:
Just the hem to go and my pinafore version of the @sewmesomething Kate dress will be ready to wear. That won't be today, though!

And I finally managed to re-pot my bulb pots!  I emptied them all out (couldn't remember what was in each one) and then separated them and re-potted them in fresh compost.  For the past few years, I've had layered pots, but this year I couldn't see the crocus flowers for the tulip leaves so decided to go for single pots instead.  The problem is that my bulb identification is not as good as it could be so somewhere along the line I've 'lost' about 25 dwarf iris bulbs, I wonder what I put them in with?!  I managed to identify the tulips, crocus and grape hyacinths, but I suspect the dwarf iris and dwarf daffodils are all mixed up together.  Still, it'll add interest in the spring...

That's the layered pots emptied and the used compost scattered as mulch on the raised beds. Time for a pot of tea and a biscuit before I tackle the sorting. I'm going back to single layer pots as I think they're easier for me to manage. #gardenersofinstag

Someone asked if Archie ever looked happy in photos, so we had a go this morning.  Turns out it's hard to look happy when it's hoying down and bozo is pratting about behind you, so he settled for a wink:
*sigh* There's always someone trying to photobomb...

Thanks for popping in!


  1. He's not unhappy - it's the "Archie Look". How could he be unhappy living with such a wonderful family. Love you, Little Man.


  2. Archie's natural expressions is 'slightly reproachful due to the lack of a constant stream of treats for simply being beautiful'... I think you've managed to get rather a lot done, despite your conviction there's nothing much to report.

  3. Looks like you had a busy week to me! I love that your bulbs are going to be a surprise or pot luck next year ... I love that about Spring. It usually happens in our veggie patch ... this year the cherry toms decided to re-seed themselves. Saved a few pennies at the garden centre!

  4. I am like Archie......just because you are not smiling all the time, doesn't mean you are not happy. Looking forward to seeing your finished dress.

  5. I'm so pleased for you that the blue and white is getting closer to a finish - in fact I'm quite excited by it!

  6. I'm loving the blue and white - is it going to mum?

  7. Always lovely to catch up with your progress!


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