Monday, 15 October 2012

A little progress is still progress!

I think that last time I sort of promised a post within a few days...turned out I lied!  Not deliberately, of course, but it was a lie nonetheless *hanging head in shame*

I have made some progress since then.  Not a lot, but progress is progress, even if it's snail-like!  (Not to sound like a squeaky wheel but I really am knackered at the moment, fortunately I'm well enough for crochet/knitting and The Big Bang Theory, but little else!)

My Summersville squares went from this:

Ten squares of Summersville
 to this:

48 squares of Summersville and 49 squares of interfacing

(I need to cut one more square of 'Town' but I'm waiting until I can lay them all out and see if I've missed any section of the design  - if not I'm going to make sure the square includes the library as that's my favourite building on the moment, anyway!)

I cut my interfacing over the course of a few days and after the first day I realised that despite ordering what I thought was going to be more than enough, I was going to be about 25cm short. *sigh*  I ordered some more from The Cotton Patch while they still had it and to make full use of the postage charge I also ordered some perle cotton - I'm sure that getting as much in the envelope as possible makes the charge better value for money...

The next day I went back to cutting interfacing and discovered that I wasn't going to be short at all...oh well, it'll come in for something!  Note to self: don't do any working out when you're exhausted, it never ends well!

Interfacing for which I no longer have a desperate need and some pretty perle cotton!

The pincushion is now finished and has flown the nest:

I should have ironed the background first!

I've finally started a crochet project that's been lurking in my head for a while - I just needed to find the right combination of pattern and yarn

It's going to be a blanket for much for buying one ball at a time!
I love this yarn (Bamboo Cotton by King Cole) - it's really, really soft and will be perfect to snuggle under in the winter when I can't afford (and/or am too tight) to have the heating on.  It won't be done for this winter but hopefully it'll be finished by November 2013.  I've just realised one drawback: it can't be tumble dried.  I'm hoping that it won't need washing very often but I'll just have to choose a sunny week and lay it out in the conservatory for a day or two.  Does anyone have any other better ideas about how to dry a large (and, at the moment, non-existent) blanket?!

The Dorothy bag in the photo was made by Jude and it's perfect for keeping my hooks and scissors in.  And the empty mint tin keeps my darning needle safe...

Not long after my last post (about nine hours!) I caved and bought the Umaro knitting pattern which I first saw on Nat's blog and fell in love with instantly.  I thought it was too hard for me to attempt at the moment, especially as it's knitted from a chart and I've never done that before.  Turns out it's not too hard after all and I love knitting from a chart!

It's going to be a scarf for a friend (she doesn't read my blog so I'm safe to show it here!)

I've had more lovely post from lovely people:

A custom charm pack from Nicky

Gorgeous fabric (and chocolate!) from Sarah

And Archie got some post from Sheila:

Doggy newspaper fabric!
He's planning to swap little pieces for extra biscuits.  Note: not biscuits that he would get anyway, biscuits that are in addition to his woefully small ration...

Thank you, all of you, I'm we're blessed to have such wonderful friends!

Archie (and Alfie) have been keeping me amused company in their own inimitable style...

I'm the king of the castle...
When is it time to go home?
(He's watching out of the front window for his lift!)

I think they look like two naughty school boys in these photos - they're plotting something!!

And finally, one last word from Archie:

Pleeeeeease can I have another biscuit?!

P.S.  I'm way behind with blog reading (and especially with my emails) and may never catch up so I may end up clicking 'mark all as read'/'delete all' and starting afresh...I hope you won't be offended if I do!!  I've read quite a few posts in my reader and so haven't commented but I have been admiring all the wonderful things people are making!

I hope you're all well and doing more sewing than I am (wouldn't be hard) - thanks for popping in xx


  1. Helen looks like you have been busy to me....I would only be able to two rows of knitting. Archie seems to be up to a few things alright and I love love love the doggy fabric. Priceless!

  2. That is a lot of projects on the go. I like the crochet as that is a craft I cannot do so I'm impressed with what you are doing. Di x

  3. One day I must take the time to learn how to knit - but when!

  4. Looking forward to seeing your summersville finish

  5. Another great post. Hope your energy levels lift a little soon, but no worries that we won't be waiting here when you are ready to post. Love hearing what you are up to.

  6. That looks like loads of working, that amount of knitting would take me about a year!

  7. I don't mind twiddling my fingers and thumbs between posts-you have so much loveliness going on!
    How to wash a non-existent blanket - I think that's one for Philosophy Fridays!

  8. Fab job on the scarf - and the crochet hexies! You are fabulous ! Quality Darling is more important than quantity!

    I think Alfie is trying to get Archie to tell him where the biscuits are kept!

  9. Can't wait to see what you have planned for the Summersville, looks interesting.
    Your crochet hexies are gorgeous, really wish I could do that !
    As for Archie and friend pics.... they look like a couple of old codgers having a natter, waiting for the next round, but they don't have the staying power they used to. ;)
    You knit well too ! Why doesn't that surprise me ? Great scarf.

  10. Lovely hexies and fabulous knitting too :-) So chuffed you liked your goodies, naturally I had to share the bounty I got with my wonderful helper!!

  11. Wow you've been busy! Such a fun range of projects there! =D

  12. A lot of progress indeed! Love the pincushion and the touch of French.

  13. Hi there, loving the new layout and header! Archie is so photogenic! I'll happily buy the interfacing off you if you no longer need it. I'm always using it in bags!. And I LOVE those crochet hexies! They would be perfect for my 'sitting with the family over Christmas being sociable' time. Do you have a pattern you can share? Jxo

  14. Priceless Helen, priceless. You could try drying your non-existant blankie in front of a politicians speech.
    ADORE your pin cushion.....but why do the Brits always want to stab the French?

  15. You've been making loads of progress! The scarf is gorgeous!

  16. Love the pattern and texture of your scarf. Since I read your blog I guess it's not for me. Lucky friend! I'm trying to work through how you make your pincushions. I am going to experiment. Hugs to you and doggies.

  17. Cute pictures! My Fletcher lays cross-legged like Alfie :)

  18. Don't worry, you'll use the interfacing. And we've all done that before.
    Glad you tried umaru. I find chart knitting so much easier than following written instructions. So much easier to just glance at what you're supposed to be doing rather than trying to find it in the written instructions. Also gets you used to reading your knitting so you can detect a mistake pretty quickly. The scarf is looking great and I'm sure your friend will love it.
    Great pics of the pups. They are so funny

  19. Wow, that's quite a lot you've got on the go methinks. So long as you're enjoying, it doesn't matter how long it takes (tee hee, at least that's what I always tell myself!)
    Cuddles to Archie,

  20. I was so confused when I got the email from blogger because my MRL post is also titled Progress but it doesn't post until later today US time. I thought, wow Helen & Archie are good... Haha, glad to know we are on the same page. I'd send you'd some energy but I have none! Lets suffer through together instead... xo B

  21. your creative output looks gargantuan compared to mine ... I've done sweet sod all this year! ... I'm in the middle of trying to teach myself to crochet but so far have only managed a patheticly small row of chain stitches and haven't worked out what to do next!

    I have tumble dryer sheets but no tumble dryer (they go in with my clean t-shirts to make them smell nice!) ... I bet you could dry your non-existent blanket in my non-existent tumble dryer and it wouldn't shrink and would come out smelling lovely ...

    Don't shout so loud about those biscuits ... Maggie may make it to these shores at the end of the month and if she thinks there's biscuits she'll be there in seconds ... she has a nose for such things!

  22. for a gal who's done nought, you've got an awful lot done. And all that organising of the motley swap crew. Good stfuff on the crochet. Emily's blanket I started last year is still in its bag, with only 2 squares done so I bet you finish before me. (Hope you fell better soon me dear)

  23. You have wonderful projects, sewing, knitting and crochet, and the best dogs too. I am glad you are having some fun and I hope you feel more energetic soon. Just mark all those blog posts off, no one will mind, and read forward instead.

  24. Well you have a lot on and seem to doing okay..with those gorgeous boys around I would find it difficult to do anything!

  25. Love the colours you've chosen for your blanket.!! It will be gorgeous even if you have to wait until spring to launder it, LOL.. Either that or get a thick towel and roll the wet blanket up in it and squeeze as much out as you can then hang it some where to finish drying... You could practice on the invisible blanket ;)
    Oh the boys look so good together. Don't they just look like partners in crime! Enjoy your goodies :)
    You know I'm going to have to go buy a bit of that Paris linen, don't you. Love it!!

  26. Helen, your scarf is going to be gorgeous! I love the color and really wish that I could get that kind of craft to work for me. Your crochet is looking great, too. Can't wait to see how that one comes together. And I'm a big believer in getting your full money's worth for postage, too. The perle is lovely!

  27. I needed a good dose of Helen and Archie today! Hope you feel better.

  28. I purchased some of the doggy newspaper fabric. Our entire family had fun reading it!

  29. Aww, I love your photos! I am missing my pooches so loved seeing yours. I got the canine chronicles too! Can't wait to see what you do with summersville!

  30. Still laughing at Salley's comment.
    I am impressed by your knitting, even more so by your crochet, keep going, it won't need washing till summer.

  31. Oh bugger, hope you get some more energy soon. Have you tried one of those dog biscuits...? ;o)

  32. Hi! Wonderful post with so beautiful fabrics! That doggy newspaper is the coolest ever!
    Archie and Alphie look like best friends and enjoying their company!
    I think that most of us are lately so busy, not much blogging or reading and I thought after September it would be easier to me. I hope it'll be in November ...
    Hugs from Teje & Nero

  33. Your crochet hexies are gorgeous. I hope the aches and pains in your forearm/wrist/hands/fingers go away soon, with or without the bandage. Your photos of Archie and of Archie and Alfie in the next post are brilliant :)


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