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...I've remembered that Thursdays are random!

I have to confess that there's not much random in my life at the moment.  Or everything is so random that I no longer notice.  One of the two.

My first random thing is this:

Sorry about the wobbly camera - I was at the ready from three minutes out so I got rather tired and couldn't hold the camera still!!
Yes, my new washing machine plays a tune when it's finished the cycle.  It also plays a little tune when you switch it on and another when you switch it off.  It goes rather well with my telly that plays a tune when you take it off (and another when you put it on) stand-by.  How long before the tune gets on my wick rather than making me smile?! 

I'm sure I have some more random somewhere *going off to look*

Ah, yes, I knew I had some!

I found this saucer (it cost £2) and the old crochet hooks in a local charity shop.  I needed a saucer to put under an orchid (and I can use it in my sewing room if  when it dies) and I couldn't walk away without bringing some of the crochet hooks with me.  I'm not sure I'll ever use them but at 20p each I couldn't leave them behind...

We've been having some lovely skies over the last couple of weeks and I attempted to capture the colours and textures one afternoon.  Not entirely successful but I do only have a 'point and shoot' camera...

It's very, very hard to see but the moon is visible...

I'm currently wearing the proud owner of this:

 ...a tennis elbow brace.  And I'm finding it quite irritating!  I've got to wear it for four weeks to see if it makes a difference to the aches and pains in my forearm/wrist/hands/fingers.  It's made a difference all right.  It's worse!   Only one week to go and I'll find out if the doctor will let me take it off...

I've finally got my Summersville squares ready and have found an alternative use for the lovely book wallet/ideas folder that Sarah made for me...

It also makes a perfect embroidery case!

I've started another Umaro scarf, this time for my sister-in-law:

It looks so different from the one I finished last week

And finally...I had ten minutes filled with more fun than you'd imagine earlier in the week when I decided I would try to take a photo of Archie catching a biscuit.  It took me a while to work out the timing but I'm pretty pleased with what I managed.

It all started like this:

Did she say 'biscuit'?  Where's it gone?

And progressed to this:

In two of them I've managed to get the biscuit in shot as well as most of Archie - no mean feat!!

I laughed so much my sides ached - hope I've managed to raise a smile or two!

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P.S.  I've finally (after about three months) managed to do some machine sewing so that thing I promised you way back in August may finally be happening.  I'm not promising it's going to happen before the end of the month but happen it will!


  1. Nice selection of randoms there! I love the photos of Archie, throwing biscuits can provide hours of entertainment!

  2. always love archie! hope you arm pain is better - the thing about wearing those brace type of things is that they can be very irritating!

  3. A post full of randomness. I hope that your arm improves with the instrument of torture. Di x

  4. Yay! Great randomness! Hope your arm improves soon. And Archie is meant to bel in the spotlight!

  5. Great post, but sorry to hear about the elbow. I've had that in my hip for years. They just jab me with steroid shots but it doesn't seem to make a blind bit of difference.

  6. Archie certainly is a handsome fellow! I hope your doctor figures out how to relieve your pain soon.

  7. Lol. Love your game with Archie.

  8. Fabulous Archie photos, defintely made me laugh. Hope your elbow gets better

  9. Hope the elbow brace does it's job and doesn't just continue to irritate. Love that scarf too!

  10. Ok that tune won't get out of my head now - start searching for the mute button!

    Archie is a star - but we knew that!

    Love the scarf! And your use of Sarah's wallet. Don't love the brace unless it helps!

  11. even though the skies are pretty it's getting a tad cold to be out playing tennis so hopefully your elbow will sort itself out ... Archie says you shouldn't try to take the elbow contraption off because that's when they make you wear the cone of shame to stop you doing so ...

    I think that biscuit game may be an Olympic sport in 2016 so keep training with athletic Archie ... a gold medal awaits!

  12. Firstly I love the dog and biscuit pics - brilliant. Secondly. GUESS WHAT? I also have tennis elbow! Actually I think it might be quilting elbow but I haven't said that to the young male physiotherapist.

  13. Great pics H! Archie is as cute as ever. Glad you've managed a bit of machine sewing! Can't wait to see! jxo

  14. I just love that guy! To throw a biscuit and shoot photos is quite a talent, Helen! And are we talking about those hexis from months ago? I have a few of those old projects myself! :-D

  15. Wonderful randomness! Love the musical washing machine!

  16. I really really love Archie! I'm not sure how you manage to throw a cookie and shoot the camera but I feel I'm going to have to try after seeing this!

  17. Great pics of Archie. I can see why you were having so much fun.

  18. Well you got me thinking :) and that is hard to do today, LOL.. It took me a while to figure that the first picture/video was a washing machine. Yes I can imagine that eventually all those tunes could be annoying, especially when you realize they mean you have to go do something like take washing out when you're in the middle of sewing something or something else more interesting.
    Cute pictures of Archie :) Love the sewing wallet from Sarah :) Nice! What do you plan to do with your squares? Now I'd better go sew on some binding and then try a zipper insertion... sounds painful and I expect it will be ;)

  19. Love the randomness, Archie looks very funny - and brilliant Umaro scarf!

  20. I love new appliances! And your scarf is lovely but the elbow sounds miserable.

  21. Oooh, scarf envy.

    Love your beautiful sky picture - it's crying out to have a palette built round it. Your Archie pictures are great too:-)

  22. those Archie pics are the best!Seriously hysterical! He's such a love.

  23. Your washing machine and telly play tunes?! Never heard of that before, Awesome :-) Fabulous plate! Reminds me of Amy Butlers soul blossoms. Nice sky shot :-) Not nice that the brace has made arm worse :-( Oooh so chuffed there is a use for that thingy after all!!! lol Hope it reminds you of me and mum :-) Love the scarf, thats some fancy assed knitting missus :-) Archiballs ALWAYS brings smiles to my face.
    Great post sweetie! x

  24. Love the randoms and I give you a week before you want to disable the sound on the washing machine ;-)

  25. I didn't realise Thursdays were random, where have I been??
    Hope you get rid of the brace soon, could Archie not give it a chew??

  26. My washing machine also plays a tune when finishing ( it's on it's way out with lots of graunching noises when spinning).
    I love the case but most of all the photos of Archie.


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