Block 3: The Rainbow Flats

*Summersville square 3

Right in the centre of town, next door to the rainbow-smoke factory, is a block of flats which has, in recent years been a little run down.  A developer has bought the building (and the freehold) and has worked with the residents to renovate their building - she is s firm believer in the power of colour to influence and affect lives (as well as involving tenants in decisions involving their homes) and so has painted all the window and door frames bright colours.  She asked each tenant to choose a colour for their frames and the only stipulation was that each window had to be a different colour from those adjacent to it.  The tenants had a lovely time playing with a large pack of Post-It notes and a drawing of the building one evening (there may also have been wine to smooth the decision-making process) and now each occupant looks through a frame of colour onto the world outside.

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