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Kate Dress: A Wearable Toile

Hello!  Oh, the shame of neglecting my blog for so long!!  Still, I'm here now and ready to blame both the FAL and the garden for my absence. I started the quarter like an ageing, arthritic greyhound: straight out of the trap and full of enthusiasm, built up a little speed and then stopped for a long sniff and a nap about halfway through. This, combined with being busy in the garden, meant I just haven't had the energy to blog.  I have finished some things from my quarter three FAL list, though!

I'm going to blog them in the order they were finished, so if you could just pretend that it's mid July, then I'd be ever so grateful!

My Kate dress looked like this when I wrote my Q3 list:


which meant it was (machine) tacked together to check the fit.  I'd added 1" to the armscye when tracing it and discovered that I needed to take 1/4" back out and then raise the bust dart by 1/2", which I then did on the pattern and then the fabric:

Making alterations
I added two sleeves (this is the first one):

A sleeve! • • Cameo appearance by my beautiful cushion from @daisyandjack.

Two sleeves! (Crumpled and not at all nicely presented, but it has two sleeves!)
Two sleeves!

Finished the neckline with some (bought) gingham bias binding, levelled the hem, and I was done!!


Pattern details

Pattern - Kate Dress by Sew Me Something
Fabric - 100% cotton poplin from Boyes, for about £5.25/m (I can't quite remember)
Thread - Gutermann sew all navy and Coats cotton in bright pink (for the top stitching on the bias binding because that's what I had that matched!)
Alterations - added 3/4" to the armscye and sleevehead, raised bust dart by 1/2" (I added length to the body and sleeves and ended up taking it back out when it came to hemming!)

I'm really happy with this toile and have worn it a few times and it's really comfortable.  I have another few planned, with various adaptations.

I'll be linking up when the time comes (tomorrow!)

Finish A Long 2016

At the end of July, Archie got a partner in crime:

Well hello there, little fella!  Come on out and say hello!

I was Betti's 1,000 follower on her Instagram account (@bettis_stitches - mind that first photo if you're scared of spiders) and she kindly said she'd make me something special to mark the occasion. If you don't know Betti, she makes the most wonderful tiny creatures out of felt, complete with removable outfits and strong personalities!  (She takes commissions, just DM her on Instagram or contact her through her blog - that's in the very early stages so if that doesn't work, leave me a comment and I'll put you in touch.)

And here's who Betti made me (us) - Mini Archie!!


The pair of them are having a lovely time together and Archie has even agreed to share his food!  (After he negotiated extra rations...)


Thanks for popping in!!


  1. Well Done on the Kate Dress.
    And especially well done on the "Finish" . . seeing as your last couple of months have been so full of gardening. And what a pretty garden too!

  2. So nice to see you back blogging. Great dress, I especially like the fabric. And mini-Archie! What a brilliant idea :-)

  3. So impressed. Really. I'm realising that garments arent beyond me, sewing for moo, but I'd need so many alterations and extensions and expansions to do something for myself that I just dont think its an option for me. :-(

  4. Gorgeous dress and Archie is so generous with Mini Archie 😉

  5. Gorgeous dress and Archie is so generous with Mini Archie 😉

  6. Oooh, the dress is fab- I have s half started one somewhere (4 flimsies to get the darts in the right place!) you've inspired me to go and look for it!!!

  7. This is such a pretty dress, good for you for so many finishes this quarter. I am finally here to say thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts.


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