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Mini Archie's September Furtle Around The Blogosphere 17th

Archie The Wonder Dog

September has been a hand piecing month, combined with a spot of box packing and moving.  I've made three more scrappy trip blocks:

And I've emptied half of the sewing room and all of the Cupboard Of Doom ready for its removal on Saturday (or perhaps before if the chaps are free). It will hopefully be rebuilt in a different, less doomy, form the following weekend but given that there's no plan drawn up (because until we see how much room the stair bulkhead takes up, we don't know how much room can be reclaimed into the room and how much needs to stay as cupboard), I'm feeling a little dubious about that.  The only thing I need to do before they arrive is cover everything left in there in dust sheets.  Well, fleece blankets as that's all I have - there are quite a few which were Archie's up in the loft so I'd best get up there.

And that's it for me! I'm off to write the Fettle Those Finishes! post for tomorrow - I decided it would be easier to have two separate link ups as I know I'd rather have two separate posts (one looking back over the month, the other looking forward over the coming three months) than one combined. You can link the same post up to both if you're combining your furtling with your hopeful fettling!

As ever, Mini Archie is keeping me on the straight and narrow:

What is I looking for?  Pirates and Signs Of Piratical Activity, of course!  And some work from you...

Linking up to the September Furtle 

If you're linking up, please add a link (one per person, please) to your blog post, which could contain: a mosaic of all you've made in the month, something you've made/started/worked on, a goal which you'd like to achieve in the next month (and then in next month's post you can reflect on that goal and set yourself another one - I find this particularly handy if I'm in the midst of a big project and finding the making of hundreds of blocks to be interminable), anything crafty you'd like to share. This isn't just for sewing or quilting, but is for all crafts so if you knit, make lace, make clothes, do anything which could come under the heading of 'craft', then please link up. Please visit the link immediately before and after you and leave an encouraging comment, and more if you can manage it - we all know that comments create joy, so let's spread some around. Also, please treat all the linked posts and their authors with respect - I want this to be an inclusive space for all crafters and crafts and all are welcome. If you're not sure if you're welcome or you belong, you do - this is by no means a closed space and if you want to join, then you are most welcome. If you need help linking up, please leave a comment and I will do my best to help. Please add the Furtling button to your blog post: copy the code below and paste it into your blog post - it should then magically appear when you publish your blog post (I'll do my best to help if you have any problems) and it will help people find the Furtling page with all the details of the link up.

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To link up, go to the link at the bottom of this page and click on 'link up' (it's a blue button) and then add your link (website URL), a title (this could be your blog name but could also be something interesting to draw people to it (keep it clean!) if you prefer), and your email. This last one doesn't appear on the link (I will have access to it - I won't use it unless there's a problem and I need to contact you) so don't worry that you're about to share your email address with the world (or the handful of people who find this link), you're not! The link will remain open until 17th October; if you're seeing this post after this date, I'm afraid you can't link up to the September Furtle, but you can link next month if you like.

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  1. Your blocks look great. I love the one with the mice peeping out. Good luck with your move :)

  2. Fantastic job on the blocks! Well done. Thanks so much for hosting the link-ups. I will have to think about the Fettle list format. I want it to be something fun.

    1. Thank you! I haven’t made one so far this month, I need to get a shift on!

    2. Yep, time to warm up those hand-sewing needles and sit down with a nice cuppa. Maybe MA would sit beside you (without a stick) to help encourage and hand you thread and thread conditioner when you need it?

    3. I finished one last night! (Give up his stick? No way!)

    4. Was hoping his paws would be full with handing you supplies. ;-)

    5. I was hoping maybe while his paws were busy with supplies, he might put down the stick. *hopeful face*. "Hooray!" *pompom waves* from across the pond by the entire gang here!!!

  3. Well done on those blocks and good luck with the cupboard rebuilding, it will all be worth it in the end!


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