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Fettle Those Finishes: A List (2022)

The List

ET Phone Home (started 2013) Status on 1/1/22: active    UPDATE: FINISHED

Low volume scrappy trip (2017) Status on 1/1/22: dormant

Summersville (2012) Status on 1/1/22: dormant    UPDATE: ACTIVE

Winterkist (2017) Status on 1/1/22: dormant

Jeans (2018) Status on 1/1/22: dormant

The Waiting List (In no particular order)


  1. I love how much progress you are making on ET! So great to see this going further and further towards being completed. Looking forward to our monthly progress reports!!! Well done.

    1. Thank you! I’ll confess that I’m enjoy quilting ET but also can’t wait for it to be finished - some of those long lines at the base of each corner feel like a marathon.

  2. Great list, I'll work on mine, I was feeling a bit adrift as finish along has gone awol 🤣 this will keep me in check 😁

    1. So glad you have joined us here for our lists of possibilities!!!!

  3. Great list - I need to write mine as it feels like I finally have some headspace (and physical space)to move on some ancient WIPs. Might be time to dust off the blog.

  4. Hope I'm not too late to join!

    This is such a good idea I'm hoping it will give me a good kick up the behind & get me going. I'm off to make a list.


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