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FAL Finish: Socks! (Yes, Again!)

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One of the advantages of having something very close to being done at the start of the quarter is that you can get an easy finish under your belt while you're still reeling from the length of your newest FAL list.  The previous pair of socks fell into that category, but these weren't quite as far along. They were quick to knit, though, because I kept having to knit until the next pop of colour and then the next and the next and the next and before I knew it, they were ready to have their toes grafted!

At the start of the quarter, the socks (well, the sock - this is the first one) looked like this:

And now they look like this:

They're knitted with yarn from Made By Penguins and I can wholeheartedly recommend Lisa-Lou's yarn.  And yes, the yellow is that bright!  As with the previous pair, I think there must be some UV reactive dye in them because the colours are even brighter in sunshine than they are in normal 'inside' daylight - I love standing at the window and taking them from shade to sun and back again! 

This is item 13 in my Q4 FAL list and I'll be linking up when the time comes.

You'd think two finishes this early in the quarter would mean I could sit down with a cup of tea without being grilled on what I'm going to finish next, wouldn't you? Not in this house.

I launched #StickyProdAlong2019 yesterday and I needs to question you about your lack of progress wif your project...

Thanks for popping in!