Finish-Along Q4 2019

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1.  (Q3 2015)  I'm making a low-volume and turquoise version of a scrappy trip around the world quilt and I've made sixteen blocks so far. I'm hoping to have twenty-four by the end of the year so that I've averaged two a month. 

2. (Q2 2016)  I have been planning this quilt since at least 2013 and would like to at least make a start on prepping blocks.  (I've been saying that for a while...)  I have a range of backgrounds and some gorgeous Oakshott (Scandinavian, I think).  The block pattern is in the photo and I've already completed a test block. 
Pointy points

3. (Q2 2016)  This needs layering and pinning ready for quilting, once I've bought the wadding and decided on how I'm going to quilt it. I doubt I'll make progress on this for quite a while, but once a project is on my FAL list, it stays on until it's either finished or officially abandoned! (No, they're not two different colours of background, it's just the difference between pieced/unpieced and straight/bias - you don't see it in real life.)

ET top

4. (Q4 2016) I'm going to turn this pink pin cord into a round neck pinafore version of the Kate dress:

5. (Q4 2016) This rather 80s winter sports print (it really could be from then as it came out of someone's loft!) is going to become a version of the Kate dress, possibly with a v neck and long/elbow length sleeves.

6. (Q2 2017) The top fabric is going to become a Kate dress:
Boyes strikes again! The fabric at the bottom (a chambray-coloured poplin at £2.45/m) is going to become a toile of the Fancy Tiger sailor top pattern I bought from @charlottesews_destash (possibly with the addition of some pink gingham bias binding as an

7. (Started around October 2012)  I've recently cut all the pieces for the nine patch blocks which will alternate with the embroidered blocks and I'm going to start writing the rest of the stories the stories behind the blocks, maybe one a week?

8.  (Q2 2017) I want to make a Christmas quilt (yes, another one!) from these pieces of Winterkist.  I'm going to make a version of Sarah's Stained quilt, with navy sashing (thanks for the idea, Salley!):
The other project I need background for is this lovely collection of Winterkist. I'm going to make a version of @sleepinsarah's Stained quilt (swipe to see the two I've already made) and am trying to decide on a colour for the sashing - any suggestions?

9. (Q2 2017) This Italian lawn is going to become a top version of the Kate dress or a shirt no.1, depending on how I feel when I lay it on the sewing table:
Italian lawn - Kate top

10.  (Q4 2017) The pinafore I made last year needs a lining (it needs a slip under it, but the armholes are too low for the slips I have, so a lining it is):
Pinafore - needs a lining

11. (Q4 2018) Jen (Mum In The Mad House) and I are making jeans together and we are having our hands held by a very talented friend of ours, without who we wouldn't be doing this! I'm ready to cut out the legs and a trial yoke and waistband so I can tack them together and assess the fit... 

12  & 13. (Q4 2019) Socks.  I need to finish the other two pairs of socks I'm making in yarn from Made By Penguins:

14. (Q4 2019)  I need to make a penguin hot water bottle cover for my niece for her birthday using these fabrics and a miniature version of this pattern:

15, 16 & 17. (Q4 2019) Rope baskets. I need to make three rope baskets: a small one to hold my keys, a medium one to keep a pair of shoes/boots in by the front door and a larger one to hold rolled up quilts in the front room.  I've got as far as buying the rope:

18. (Q4 2019) Socks for a friend. These will be the last socks of the year and should grow fairly quickly because the yarn is DK.

By adding seven things to the list this quarter, I have broken my own rule about not adding more to my FAL list than I've ticked off the previous quarter (I finished six things in Q3). I have dithered over doing this because the system is working so well for me, but decided I could give myself permission: the two pairs of socks are nigh on done and it seems daft to leave them off the list.  Decision justified!  (The Committee are currently discussing their ruling.  If my list suddenly goes down to 17, you know it didn't go my way...) Oh, and I'm definitely still a member of the #ridiculouslylongFALlist gang because there's no way all those dressmaking projects are going to be finished in a mere three months!

Mini Archie has already being using the rope:

Just like the song says:
Rope, rope, rope your boat,
Tie it nice and tight;
Watch the fishies swimming by,
Don't worry, they won't bite!


  1. Ah what a wonderful list!!! Can't wait to see you finishes this quarter. The trip around the world quilt is coming together so nicely! You should definitely get a pass for those two pairs of socks. I am all for coming clean with the actual number of UFO's/WIP's/PIGS that we have; no more PIGS in the closet!!! Much better to have options and really go for it finishing what we have already started. Love MA's song, never heard that before. Can't wait to see your fabric bowls, especially the largest one. *Excited skipping for new quarter*

    1. Thank you! And thanks for saying I should get permission for both pairs of socks - I've passed your comments to The Committee... It must feel nice to have all your projects and planned projects out in the open and on The List - all you have to do now is finish them!

      Mini Archie's song is sung to the tune of 'row, row, row your boat' so now you can have it in your head as well!

    2. It feels wonderful to be out of the closets with my projects. Only need to keep focused one thing at a time and work towards 15-minutes almost every day of each week. I love MA's song; that's terrific!!!

      Did you hear back from The Committee on your socks? Still looking forward to those rope bowls!

  2. It's amazing the difference 15 minutes a day can make, isn't it? I find setting up for the next session also helps so that when I do have time in my sewing room, I know exactly what I'm doing and where I'm starting.

    I have and they said yes, but just this once. And I'm to try very hard to make good progress on one of the long-standing FAL list projects as well as finishing all of the new projects *gulps* (Me too - can't wait to start!)

    1. The pompoms are ready!!! Get set. GO, GO GO!!!

  3. *gets going* (I've bought thread for the rope baskets - all I need now is time to go round and round and round and round. A bit like you and your lovely mat!)

  4. So many great projects to choose from! I love the embroidery detail in #7. Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2019 global FAL hosts.


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