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FAL Finish: Pointy Points Mini Quilt

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

This test block has been on my FAL list for a while now and I've just never got round to making it into a mini quilt.  This quarter (Q4 FAL 2015), I was determined to cross it off!

Here's how it looked at the start of the quarter (and at the start of several quarters before that!):

Pointy points mini

The block is hand pieced and was made to test the templates for the block.  I (eventually) want to make a quilt using this block, in pale Oakshotts and pale grey backgrounds.  I have the fabrics, just not the time/energy to start!

Impetus to finish this mini quilt came in the form of a new to me in the ditch/edge stitch sole plate for my walking foot (thanks, Sheila!) and a need to test it before I embarked on a bigger quilting project.  I quilted in all the ditches and found that the foot was great for straight ditches but not for curved ones, mainly because the design of the foot means that you can't see where the needle is going to land.  It's also easier if the ditches all go the same way, and it's not as easy to use if you're stitching in a 'left-hand' ditch on one section and then a 'right-hand' ditch on the following one.  Again, this is because you just can't see where the needle is going to land.  Bernina, you need to think about this!  (I'm hoping that my brother will agree to remove the bit that's in the way as I don't think it's integral to the strength of the plate!)

You can't really see a difference in this photo, but I promise that it's quilted!

Quilted and trimmed

And to prove it, here's the back:

Quilted and trimmed - back

I tried a variety of bindings and soon realised that Danielle's suggestion of picking up the pink/magenta colour in the prints was the way to go.  I just happened to have this Oakshott in my stash (the threads are bright pink one way and bright blue the other, which results in this gorgeous pinky/purply/red fabric):

Binding decisions...

A quick bit of sewing later (machined to the front, hand stitched to the back), and it was done!

Pointy Points mini quilt - finished

It measures about 12" x 12", uses (I think) Art Gallery Fabrics' 'Indie' line, and the block was designed by Lynne. (I think it's based on a traditional block or tile design - I haven't been able to find this exact block in my block books, there are similar ones but nothing identical.  It doesn't, as yet, have a name but I call it 'the pointy points block'.)

Over Christmas, Archie decided to audition for the role of draught excluder:

I hope you're sending those photos to my agent...

And, in case he doesn't get that, he also tried out for the part of 'door stop':

Sorry about the red eye flash thing - it was that or a very dark photo of something which could have been a white dog in front of a white door...

Thanks for popping in, don't forget to link up your Q4 finishes with Adrianne - you have until 11pm PST on 6th January (7am on 7th January for those of us in the UK/Ireland). If you've already linked up, why not visit some finishes?  Just don't be tempted to start too many new things...if you do, though, you can always put them on your 2016 Q1 list!


  1. Always love to see your amazing work, but oh, oh, oh, seeing Archie makes my day. Give that handsome beauty a big hug - from me.


  2. Hi Helen and Archie! Oh, it's always so nice to see Archie under his quilt! You have made amazing block! It looks beautiful - can't imagine how the whole quilt would be. Hugs to you both! x Teje

  3. What a wonderful block - and a wonderful dog! He looks so relaxed and happy.

  4. That's a really striking block, and you're right, the magenta is perfect to finish it. Another mini to add to your growing collection!Jxo

  5. What a fab block! So glad you got to test the foot as well! Big hugs to Archie xx

  6. What a fab block! So glad you got to test the foot as well! Big hugs to Archie xx

  7. What a fab block! So glad you got to test the foot as well! Big hugs to Archie xx

  8. I know exactly what you mean about the difficulties of using certain machine feet for quilting in the ditch. My Janome walking foot makes it absolutely impossible - especially on the curve, as you said. I've given up quilting that way... I love that grape coloured Oakshott, currently having a love affair aubergine and dark jade versions myself, but my heaven, don't they fray like dogs shedding? Speaking of which, have you thought of getting Archie to audition for the Hound of the Baskervilles? He looks very eerie and uncanny in that last shot!

  9. I absolutely love this! I thought Archie had gone for a Christmas green theme with his eyes?

  10. This is lovely....hand piecing is certainly not my game! Visiting as part of the 2015 FAL Cheerleading Team. Thanks for participating. **giggles**


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