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Summersville Saturday: Blocks 17 - 20

This series of posts is my attempt to catch up with myself - I embroidered all the blocks for this project over a couple of years (I finished the final one at the back end of last year) but haven't really blogged about them.  The other blocks and more information about this project (which will be a quilt, eventually) can be found in these posts: 1, 23, and 4

Block 17:
Summersville square 17
Blanket stitch round the inside of the wheel, chain stitch for everything else.
Block 18:
Summersville square 18
Satin stitch for the doors and windows, back stitch for everything else.
Block 19:
Summersville square 19
Split stitch

Block 20:
Summersville square 20
Split stitch

This morning, Archie tested out the temperature in the conservatory.  He didn't last long!
I don't understand: the sun is shining but it's far from warm in here.  In fact, my favourite wall is freezing!
I then tried to persuade him to curl up in a cosy bed and go to sleep (or at least stop whinging for me to make the conservatory warmer) but he wasn't having any of that, either:
But I don't want to go to sleep. Can't you conjure up a patch of sun for me to lie in?

That's it from me, thanks for popping in!

P.S.  Sharon Lozano (Grann616) - I'm afraid I can't reply to your comment as you're a no-reply blogger (go here to see how to fix it).  Summersville was printed quite a few years back (2012, I think), but I've managed to find some of the prints in Eternal Maker  The designer (Lucie Summers) also has an Etsy shop where she sells her hand printed fabrics; she doesn't have any Summersville left, but there are some lovely fabrics in there.  Happy hunting!


  1. Give that precious fur baby a BIG hug from us. ♥

  2. I too am wondering what you will do with all the finished blocks.
    I've always struggled with this whole no reply blogger thing. I'm thinking I'm not as you replied to me once before, but I followed that link and pressed some buttons, so I definitely shouldn't be now!

  3. Love the idea of embroidering around just the odd motif in the fabric. Hope Archie warms up soon xx

  4. Every time you post more of these I want to get out my embroidery threads, its so inspiring!

  5. Can't wait to see this quilt. Archie's an optimist I see!! Jxo

  6. Send Archie down here. He'll soon be hunting for a nice cool patch of tile to stretch out on... I love that panel which is all tiny houses, so sweet.

  7. Definitely a John Deere Tractor there. You must be "a Farmer's daughter" !!
    Love all the curling smoke.
    Tell Archie Polo is soooooooooo hot down here.
    She'd love a cool wall to lean against...but it would also be damp (too much rain)

  8. Love the tractor! Has your stitching improved over this project or has it always been brilliant!? Yes I guess it has!


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