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Summersville Saturday: Blocks 5 - 8

Last week I shared the first four embroidered blocks from my Summersville quilt and a bit about the idea behind the quilt.  From now on, I hope that these posts will be short(ish) and sweet, with mainly photos of the next four blocks and not too much waffle.  (Hmmm, we'll see if I'm capable of that...)

Block five:
Summersville square 5
Satin stitch bus windows, detached stitches for the wheels (alternating in two colours round the tyre), detached fly stitch round the houses, a colonial knot for the door handle and back stitch for everything else.
Block six:
Summersville square 6
All back stitch.

Block seven:
Summersville square 7
Simple vertical (detached) stitches for the grass, back stitch for everything else.

Block eight:
Summersville square 8
Back stitch for everything.

2016 FAL

Leanne has written a fabulous post answering some questions about the Finish Along, including how to link up, what your list needs to include, etc.  Please go and read it if you're at all unsure about what to do and, if you're still unsure after reading it, please email me or one of the other hosts and we'll do our best to clear up your confusion.

The 2016 FAL list link closes at 11pm EST on 16th January (4am 17th January if you're on GMT) so please don't miss your chance to join us for the first quarter - you must have linked up a list to be eligible for prizes when you link up your finishes at the end of the quarter.

Archie loves his treat ball and vibrates with excitement when I get it out, which makes it difficult to get a clear photo of him with it!  These were taken on the evening of Christmas Day:

Please may I have it back?  I'm sorry I keep knocking tree ornaments off with my tail.
It's just gone behind here, you don't mind if I squeeze through and get it, do you?
Oops, it's gone even further behind!  I won't be a minute...  (That blur is his tail!)

Thanks for popping in, I hope you're having a good weekend!


  1. Love your colourful village and love Archie.

  2. Love that fur ball. ♥ I love your work, I admire how talented and gifted you are, but Archie steals the show.

  3. The colour is subtle but fab! Archie is looking well!

  4. Your Summersville is such a sweet project. Your embroidery really is beautiful. I hope you and Archie enjoyed Christmas and the New Year :)

  5. Love that bit of advertising ! All looking good on the embroidery front and back - glad Archie got some treats!

  6. Katie has a ball like that - we put her dinner in it sometimes and she goes nuts bapping it all over the living room. So cute! *thwack*...*crunch crunch*...*thwack*... etc

  7. This is such a sweet and clever idea for a project. My eye went straight to the bus wheels – inspired!
    Young Archie is the very image of Dog Paying Attention. Thank heavens it's time to take the tree down, or I fear for your ornaments...

  8. I love those bus wheels too! Are you not using a Hoop?
    Its all so even..the back as good as the front.

  9. I'm loving this idea more and more every time I see it


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