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FAL Finish: Lola Pouches

Finish-A-Long 2016

I don't think I've ever finished something on my FAL list before the proposed finishes link has even closed - if I carry on like this I really might get quite a few things crossed off!

When I wrote my list last week, this is how these pouches looked:

Two Lola pouches for Mam

All the bits were cut out, interfacing and wadding had been fused to the relevant pieces, and I was ready to start sewing.  I do love this pattern (find it here) and, including these two pouches, I think I've made thirteen of them.

And this is how they looked when they were finished (when I hurriedly took a photo before wrapping them and giving them to Mam):
Two Lola pouches for Mam
Sorry, it's not the best photo but was all I could manage!  And I promise that the right-hand side of the big pouch isn't deformed, I've just forgotten to arrange it nicely before taking the photo!
She was very pleased with them (phew!) and was amazed that I managed to make two pouches out of the scraps she gave me.  (I only managed it because I used some different grey fabric for the linings.)

I just need to work out what to do with the remaining scraps of her fabric:

Leftover grey and yellow

It's not as much as it may look as those top two pieces (with the wadding fused onto the back) are about 3" x 7" - I have more of the grey triangles than anything else so that will be the feature fabric of whatever I make (storage basket?  Another pouch?) and the rest will fill it out.  If you have any bright ideas, please shout!

As this is also a finish which uses scraps, I'm linking up to Scraptastic Tuesday with Nicky and Leanne:

Scraptastic Tuesday

He might be nearly sixteen, but Archie decided that a bit of ball chasing was in order the other night - this is the first time he's shown more than a passing interest in it in ages, but he loved it!  He (gently, I made sure of that!) chased it round the floor and kept fetching it back so I'd roll it again.  He hasn't touched it since but I've checked with the vet and as long as he's not running wildly round or twisting/jumping (he has a bad back) then he's fine to continue.  In the vet's words: if he's happy to play with the ball and he enjoys it, then let him.  I couldn't agree more!

Play with me!!

Look at that waggy tail!

Thanks for popping in!  If you haven't already done so then you have a couple of days left to link up your FAL list (link closes 11pm EST 16th January/4am GMT 17th January).  Leave me a link to your list if I haven't already visited you and I'll pop over and see how mad you are what you're planning!


  1. Yay! The pouches are darling - I'm a fan of that pattern!! And I just finished the first thing on my FAL Q1 list too - so crazy but good motivation right?

  2. Your pouches look great! I love the fabrics and the colors too. Archie is adorable--such a sweetie!

  3. I haven't even written my list yet!! They look fab and I agree it is a brilliant pattern!

  4. Love the pouches! Love the fabric! Love that sweet Archie--he looks so happy!

  5. That was super quick and they look lovely - congrats :)

  6. I love Svetlana's Lola pouch, and yours are gorgeous! Not surprised you mum liked them. Jxo

  7. Beautiful LOLA pouches and esp nice with getting them done with those scraps.

  8. Beautiful pouches and Archie is just adorable!

  9. A finish already! That's very efficient. My dogs can't be bothered with balls either normally and they don't have age as an excuse!

  10. Love the way you cut out the bottom corners. How about a 1 hour basket with the scraps?

  11. Beautiful fabric combo Helen. And I can't believe Archie is 16, how did that happen?

  12. Gorgeous fabrics and brilliant finishes - good luck for the rest of the quarter!

  13. Yellow and grey is such a classic colour combination. Your pouches are lovely. Not to mention, finished so early in the quarter!

    When I see a pile of scraps like that, my mind immediately goes to miniature quilts or building a long term scrap project.

  14. 16? . . . he'll be learning to drive soon.
    Those bags ARE gorgeous. Well done you for getting off the mark, so quickly.
    Its funny, I have a reasonable stash now . . but I get a real kick out of having been able to use up scraps! Mad!!
    And I cant throw anything away. Sad!!

  15. Ahhh, bless, looks like a puppy! Love the pouches!

  16. That Archie is the cutest pup EVER!
    You're a total Lola machine. Isn't it great to find a pattern you love? Your mom will think these are absolutely perfect. Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts.

  17. Pretty pouches, yellow and grey is such a great color combo!


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