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Summersville Saturday: Blocks 13 - 16

This series of posts is my attempt to catch up with myself - I embroidered all the blocks for this project over a couple of years (I finished the final one at the back end of last year) but haven't really blogged about them.  The other blocks and more information about this project (which will be a quilt, eventually) can be found in these posts: 1, 2, and 3.

Block 13:
Summersville square 13
Split stitch for the name on the lorry, colonial knots for the tree tops, back stitch for everything else.

I embroidered this square in May 2014 (when I said I'd been rubbish at blogging about this project I really meant it!) and thought it was finished, but once all the blocks had been embroidered I went back over them all and this one stood out as needing more work.  This is how it now looks after some more back stitch:

Block 13 revisited

Much better, I hope you'll agree!

Block 14:
Summersville square 14
Satin stitch (outlined with back stitch) for the chimneys, cross stitch (dark red) over back stitch (mid grey) for the beam between ground and first floor, colonial knots for the door handles, back stitch for everything else.

Block 15:

Spot the embroidery!
Summersville square 15
Back stitch for everything and then cross stitch over the top of the back stitch on the pole.

Block 16:

I think this one is easier to spot!
Summersville square 16
As block 15.

It won't be obvious to you, but I had to stop typing (I've scheduled this post for tomorrow morning.  Which, now you're reading it, is this morning.  Or yesterday.  Or whenever.  Not important!) to attend to a situation:
It's been 63 minutes since I had my treat (tablet; shhhhhhh, don't tell him!) which means my tea is three minutes late.  Now do as my bowl commands and feed me.
You can try to stop me getting to my food but you won't succeed!
(I don't think he wanted to stand the other side of the cupboard door, which was open because he was so keen to eat his tea that he didn't give me chance to put the food box away, because he doesn't really like standing close to the clothes horse in case it attacks him.  Or something like that!)

Thanks for popping in!

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  1. Morning! I do love what's happening in Summersville, but I have this overpowering urge to colour in the little bay trees on either side of the cottage door... I should try and do something about that, shouldn't I, it's your project! That Archie is clearly a dog in touch with his inner nosh monster – the shot with the cupboard door is hilarious!

  2. Gorgeous stitching! Such a fun project!

  3. Lovely blocks! I do love that Archie!!

  4. Wonderful Archie - he's a beauty, and a good age! How many of your beautiful blocks will you have at the end of the project?

  5. Hi, I've been checking online everywhere for Summertime fabric. It looks so pretty what you are doing and relaxing. Would you have any idea where I could get even a half yard? Thanks so much. I will just continue to watch you build your town. Sharon Lozano

  6. Oooo late to the party . . . does Monday Afternoon count??
    Love the embroidery . . all of it. I dont mind seeing a project spread out over a couple of years . . yours are still winning the race against mine (shame shame)

    Polo is afraid of the vacuum cleaner . . even when its all tidied up . . . . (without the "snake" spread everywhere,) and no noise emanating what so ever from the sleeping enemy . . . even if she can smell its presence . . . she freaks out.

  7. More sweet stitching :) And Archie is quite right to be wary of the clothes horse. About a month ago I heard a massive commotion and Thomas, my daughter's cat, who is usually very slow and lazy, went bombing by at about 30 miles an hour pursued by a washing basket that had got caught round his back leg. You really cant trust laundry equipment!

  8. I think 14 and 16 are my favourite! Apart from Archie! He always wins!


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