Sunday, 3 January 2016

FAL Finish: Tea Towel Bags

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

I listed a three-in-one proposed finish in my Q4 2015 FAL list - these three tea towels needed to be turned into bags, and they needed to be finished this quarter as they're Christmas presents!

Tea towels

I have to confess that these were a really quick finish - two afternoons and I was all done, including ironing and wrapping!  I can't take credit for the idea, that was my very talented friend B - thanks, B!

All I had to do was stitch the long sides together (they were already hemmed so no seams to finish!), add handles, box the corners and zigzag the two resulting seams to stop them fraying.  I also added a bit of Fray Check to them, just to be safe.  I also used Fray Check for the raw ends of the handles (cotton twill tape) because, although they were enclosed, I thought the bags might get washed quite a lot and I didn't want the handles fraying out.

Tea towel bags

They don't look like much with nothing in them (which bag does?!), but look much better once they've been filled with something (yarn, in this case):

Tea towel bag

I love these tea towels so much that I've bought another set of three and am thinking of using them to make pouches - maybe for next Christmas?!

Archie has been indulging in a spot of bed moving, where he's tried to end up in the most inconvenient place:
I think you'll find that the rule of 'on your feet, lose your seat' applies here.  You'd do well to remember that!
Actually, I think this is a better spot - right in front of the door through to the kitchen.  You'll have to polish up your long jump skills...

And then Alfie got in on the fun (he started off in that space under the stairs):
I heard bed moving was now an accepted sport.  And no, I won't look at you...

Thanks for popping in!


  1. Tea towels often make better bags than tea towels!! I wonder who influences who in the canine dept!! Jxo

  2. They look brilliant! Great gift idea. The dogs are adorable and I like their fun game!

  3. Gorgeous clever quick bags! I made something a bit similar with pillowcases, one as the outer, one as the lining, but yours sound a good bit quicker!

  4. Great idea - there are some great tea towels out there - at fab prices

  5. Saving lots of money in the shops taking your own bag - those are great gifts. Those rascally dogs keep you on your toes - literally!

  6. I have so many tea towels that I've bought that just end up in my stash - this is a great idea!


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