Sunday, 2 October 2016

Twins! (No, not babies!)

Finish A Long 2016

Somehow, and I don't know how but it seems to keep happening, I volunteered (?) to make Mam a pair of cushion covers for her newly-decorated front room (I left her to make the inners) and so we went to a local quilt shop for a metre of coral fabric (surprisingly hard to find but it goes nicely with the pale green of her new carpet as well as the sandy gold of her settee/chairs), went to another shop and bought half a metre of her new curtain fabric (we even remembered to buy zips and thread) and I got thinking.  I decided to keep it simple, and by the time it came to write my Q3 FAL list, I had the cushion tops ready to layer and quilt:

Two cushions for Mam

I layered them and then marked (with a hera marker) straight lines 6" apart (to keep me straight) and then quilted lines 1/2" apart across the cushions using a pale cream Gutermann sulky 30:
Not the most interesting thing to do... • • #2016FAL #FALQ3Archiewonderdog #ridiculouslylongfallistgang #ridiculouslylongFALlist
Not the most interesting thing to do!
I then added a contrast zip flap on the back in the curtain fabric and a zip:

It's unusual for me to use my sewing machine after about 6pm, but I'm not able to concentrate on my knitting (or anything which requires doing the same thing for more than two minutes) so I'm putting the zips in the two cushion covers I'm making for Mam.
Adding the zip

I top stitched either side of the zip to hold the seam allowances in place (it's worth doing this as it doesn't take long but makes a big difference to the finished cushion):

Top stitching either side of the zip/flap. With a cameo appearance by the purse @sheiladonnachie gave me which keeps my machine feet safe. Joining @charmaboutyou for the #saturdaynightcraftalong.

And then stitched the long edges together, ready for the binding top and bottom:

Two cushion covers ready for binding top amd bottom. Stopping sewing for the night because the upstairs of my house is getting warmer, not cooler and I'm mafted! (May do some knitting if I cool down.) Joining @charmaboutyou for a very muggy #saturdaynight
Yes, I did trim the excess zip before binding!
And they were ready to hand over to Mam:

I stripped one of my cushions so I could check how the covers looked when an inner was in place, just in case!

I seem to have forgotten to take a photo of the backs, sorry about that!  It's a finish, though, so I'll be linking this post up to the Finish-Along finishes post.  (These were listed as one item on my FAL list, so I just need to link up one post for them.)

For the past couple of weeks, Archie has been demanding his breakfast be served warm (it's just biscuits/kibble, but I've had to add some water and ping it for 30 seconds) and in the conservatory.  (Don't ask!  He'll eat his tea in the kitchen, but not his breakfast and I have no idea why!)  There has been an improvement, though, as for the first week or so he wouldn't eat it unless I put one of his special 'from Sheila' treats on it!  Once he deigns to start eating, though, it doesn't last long:

I enjoyed that.  Seconds?
  And he's always careful to leave Mini Archie's share:

Strrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetchhhhhhhhhh.  If I can just reach that last biscuit without toppling in...

Thanks for popping in!!  (In case you're wondering, I'm still pretending it's July in terms of finishes and my next post will see me jump right to the end of August for my next finish...)


  1. Nice cushion covers. Really like the coral and the mint green. Archie is a sweetie!

  2. Nice work on those cushions, Helen. And hugs to Archie :) x

  3. Don't fall in mini Archie! Lovely cushions

  4. Don't fall in mini Archie! Lovely cushions


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