Monday, 3 October 2016

Spot The (Paisley) Birdie!

Finish A Long 2016

In my quest to catch up with myself and my quarter three finishes, I'm now pretending it's the end of August...

Another repeat visitor to my Q3 FAL list (although it's only been on since the start of this year, unlike many others on the list) was this panel which I started at an embroidery workshop based around the paisley shape and traditional patterns and which was designed on the go by yours truly:

Paisley birds

The embroidery was done on Irish linen with a fine lawn fusible interfacing on the back to provide some stability, and stitches used include split stitch, back stitch, chain stitch, French knots, trellis stitch, lazy daisy, long stitch, Turkey knots, and fly stitch - my embroidery stitches book came in very handy!  In addition, there are four (decreasing) layers of wadding behind the wings to create a slightly padded effect.

The first decision was the zip colour:
I'm hoping to get this embroidery made into a #Lolapouch today, I just need to choose a zip. The binding will be the same Irish linen (thank you, @justjudebelfast!) and will be sewn down with a visible running stitch in one (or more) of the coton a broder
I went with purple in the end
and then the lining fabric was chosen (I even remembered to cut it the right way up!) and all the pieces were cut, after some simple calculations because the embroidered panel wasn't the right side to cut the large size in the pattern.  I didn't have enough interfacing to do both the lining pieces, so decided to interface (before fusing the wadding) the outer pieces instead (the front was already done) and I had two pieces which, when put together, would cover the back piece of the pouch, with a slight (1/4") overlap.

Ready for fusing. I'm having to cobble together the interfacing because I daren't cut into my large piece because I need some of it for my everyday blouse and don't want to leave myself short. I've also found a remnant of fusible wadding which is just lar

I then spent a few minutes at the ironing board getting everything fused (and pressing out the worst wrinkles on the linen!) and decided that the back was a bit too plain so added some quilting in an orange (1154) Aurifil 12wt which I happened to have in my thread box (I need more of this weight of thread - must put some on my Christmas list!).  This had the added bonus of securing that overlap on the interfacing, just in case!  I marked one horizontal and one vertical line (using a hera marker) and then used the marks on my walking foot to position the other lines, mirroring either side of the first line.  I've got to say that I'm rather pleased with how it worked out!  I used the glue trick on the zip tab again, and then top stitched in the same orange Aurifil.

Ready for assembly. I decided the back was going to be a bit plain so I've added some straight line quilting in Aurifil 12wt 1154 (I love this weight Aurifil for things like this and am going to put some other colours on my Christmas list), which has the

I also used the linen for the binding and because it's thicker than quilting cotton, I cut it 1/8" wider than usual (which is already 1/8" wider than the pattern) to take that into account.  And also because it's linen and quite bouncy, I used Clover clips to keep it in place before I started hand stitching the binding down to make it easier on my hands.  (It worked - by the time I was stitching the binding that night, it had stopped bouncing up each time I removed a clip!)
When you're having trouble getting to sleep, received wisdom says to lie patiently and wait for sleep to come to you, etc. It does not say to get up and pin the side seams on your latest #Lolapouch. It certainly doesn't say to then stitch those seams, and

Then I stitched down the binding - first with Aurifil 50wt in a beige (5011) (doing this made it easier to get the linen binding even and then I could concentrate on getting the decorative stitching straight and even) and then added running stitch in some of the threads used in the birds.  I started with the bright blue:

I managed to get the binding stitched on my latest #Lolapouch (pattern by @sotakhandmade) while Harry Pottering this afternoon and now I'm adding some running stitch to liven it up a bit. I'd normally stitch the binding down with this stitch (if I was goi

Then debated which other colours to use:

Trying to decide whether to add another row of stitching to the binding or leave as is. Joining @charmaboutyou for the #saturdaynightcraftalong, thanks for hosting, Lucy!

and settled on the yellow and then the paler blue:
Thanks for all your opinions on whether to add more stitching - in the end I did half a dozen yellow stitches to see how it looked, decided I liked it and carried on. I also added a row of the lighter blue above the yellow. This is another finish for me t

And then it was finished!!  The next morning, I went out to take photos:

And the back! The straight line quilting is Aurifil 12wt in 1154 (a fabulous weight thread for things like this) and the running stitch on the binding is coton a broder 25. #lolapouch #2016fal #FALQ3Archiewonderdog #ridiculouslylongFALlist #ridiculouslylo
The back - I love that quilting!  
A close up of the bird on the right
I've managed to get a better photo of my latest #Lolapouch (pattern by @sotakhandmade) and the colours are more accurate than the one taken the other night. • I started this embroidery at a paisley shape workshop (where we designed our own embroidery afte
The front

In other news, Mini Archie is definitely finding his feet:
It may be Sunday, and we may be having breakfast in bed, but I'm sure I'm still supposed to get first dibs on the food.  I'm going to give him a nudge and tip him in if he doesn't pack it in...

Thanks for popping in!  Don't forget to link up your finishes before the link closes on Saturday (but in the very early hours so it's best to think that the deadline is Friday night!) or you'll miss out on a chance to win a prize!  Shout if you have trouble linking up and I'll do my best to help.


  1. Beautiful pouch. Love the birds and the embroidery is amazing. The quilting on the back is perfect. Archie as always is a sweetie. I do enjoy reading your posts.

  2. Fabulous pouch as I may have said before!

  3. Lovely to see this pouch in better rendition that IG.... The embroidery is so sweet... and perfect.
    Didnt realise those wings were a bit puffy... genius!

  4. Very cool. Love the birds and the final product.

  5. So nice to see a mix of stitches, it reminds me I should do more embroidery myself.

  6. Very sweet, and beautifully embroidered and made. What will you use it for?

  7. im catching up on lots of missed blog reading, ig gives a flavour, but no replacement for blogs. The birds are still beautiful, your embroidery is really nice. I must try some again ~ put it on my list

  8. Super sweet embroidery! Love it! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts


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