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A Pair Of Lola Pouches

Finish A Long 2016

It can't have been a surprise to see yet another Lola pouch (okay, two!) on my Q3 FAL list as I seem to be a bit obsessed with making them!  This time, I wanted to use these two fat quarters of shweshwe fabric:

Two Lola pouches

Although I didn't mention it when I wrote the list, these two pouches were intended for Sheila, who came, with Salley, for a flying (about 18 hours!) visit in August.  We had a wonderful time, albeit brief, and we got on as well in person as we do online!!

Anyway, back to the pouches.  I didn't have enough of the indigo to make two complete pouches (as well as thinking that they needed a contrast fabric to enhance the shweshwe), so I used some remnants of AGF 'Indie' that I had in my scrap boxes.   I didn't have enough of red remnant to use on the base and the binding of either pouch, so decided to go with a contrast strip across the large pouch.  This is the joy of the Lola Pouch pattern: once you've made one, you can adapt it in so many ways just by using the basic measurements.

Here are the fabrics being paired up:

Ready to assemble:
Two Lola pouches ready to sew. I've ordered some zips - why is it that, no matter how many zips you have, you never have the colour you need in the size you need? #Lolapouch #2016fal #ridiculouslylongFALlistgang #ridiculouslylongFALlist

Ready for the zips:
Ready for zips, which should be here early next week (I opted for Stingy post). In the meantime, the wadding for Mam's cushions and table runner arrived today so I can get on with them, if I'm well enough. #Lolapouch #2016FAL #ridiculouslylongFALlistgang

I used the glue/cocktail stick method to get a neat finish on the zip tabs (as well as top stitching round the edge) and, once again, it worked a treat:

Using the fabric glue trick again on the zip tabs for the Lola pouches I'm hoping to finish today. Off to top stitch them now. #Lolapouch

And here's the small pouch, nestling in the nasturtiums and pansies:

And the large pouch, in front of the geum and scabious:
And a fourth finish from my #ridiculouslylongFALlist for this quarter! I do love making a #Lolapouch! (Pattern by @sotakhandmade) #ridiculouslylongfallistgang #2016FAL #FALQ3Archiewonderdog

And the pair together:

I'm really pleased with how they turned out and love the difference the contrast quilting (done in an orange Aurifil 12wt on the large pouch and I-can't-remember-what on the small pouch.

For the purposed of the Finish-Along, I'm linking this post for the large pouch finish and have linked the small pouch separately (as an instagram post) as I had them listed as two separate finishes on my list and you need a separate (and distinct) link for each finish.

Here's the moment Mini Archie met Eddie - see how protective Archie is being?!!

Don't you dare try to chase him or pick him up in your mouth.  He's a dog, not a toy!
And then a couple of weeks later:

I'm still watching you: I saw how you tried to pick him up and carry him off.  Well you can't have him, he lives here with us!

Thanks for popping in!!


  1. Great finish! Love that they nest! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts


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