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Everyday Blouse - The First Of Many, I Hope!

A couple of months ago, I read Rachel's post about her new pattern, The Everyday Blouse, and I was lucky enough to win a copy of her pattern (and a surprise £30 voucher for Abakhan Fabrics to buy supplies) in return for a couple of photos of my finished make and an honest review.  You can buy the (PDF) pattern from UpCraft Club.

I chose this navy and white poplin from their autumn/winter 2016 section (choosing from this section was required by Abakhan) and, although it's the first time I've bought dressmaking fabric online, I'm very pleased with my choice.

I printed out my pattern, which wasn't without its difficulties - first I printed it portrait when it should have been landscape (I caught it after a few pages and then just printed the right way on the back of them) and then taped it together.  Again, this wasn't without its difficulties as I couldn't get the lines to match up, and if I taped them how I thought they should be taped, then the lines didn't meet.  After a few (okay, about a dozen!) Twitter messages with Beth, it became clear that the problem was my printer - like many domestic printers, it doesn't print right to the edge of the page and my first instinct (to leave a 1/8" gap between the lines so that the curves looked right) was right.  Now I know that about my printer, I'll be more confident when taping together pdf patterns and won't need to bother Beth!

#sewphotohop Day 5: Prints or Solids I think I tend to wear far more solids than prints at the moment (mainly because I haven't been well enough to go clothes shopping for ages so I've been living in plain short-sleeved tops from LTS and jeans), but I lov
If you look closely, you can see the gap in the grainline where the two pages meet

I set to cutting out the pattern and the fabric (I decided that because I was reviewing the pattern, I'd make it as the pattern, with no alterations and view it as a wearable toile) and started assembling it.  I did, if I say so myself, some nicely neat understitching on the neck facing:

Everyday blouse - understitching

And stitched my first exposed zip:

Everyday blouse - exposed zip
I couldn't work out how to finish the ends of the zip tape so ended up folding them back at 45deg.  I thought I'd need to cover them with ribbon to stop them itching, but they don't bother me.  Rachel is going to do a tutorial on the zip in the near future.

It wasn't long before my blouse was finished:

Everyday blouse pattern

I'm very pleased with how it fits for a first attempt.  Having worn it a couple of times, I've made a note of alterations I need to make to get it to fit better and have lowered the bust dart, raised the elbow dart and removed the underarm facings on this version.  I've made alterations to the pattern (adding length, etc.), and already have the fabric for my next one.  (Yes, it'll be on my Q4 FAL list!)

Here's my (poor) attempt to show you the elastic detail at the neck - it's subtle, but it makes a big difference to how it fits, as well as making it easier to get on and off!!

everyday blouse - neck detail

And here's an odd photo of (some of) me wearing it:

Everyday blouse

All in all, I think it fits okay for a first try (at least as well as a shop bought blouse) and is perfectly wearable - it's already had quite a few compliments and the elastic detail at the neck is something many people have admired.

Thank you, Rachel, for the opportunity - this pattern is going to become a wardrobe staple! Now, if I could just find a cami top to wear under it in the winter, I'll be set...

Archie is still insisting on a warm breakfast served in the conservatory (and this morning ate half of it, realised his treat from Sheila wasn't on it, and refused to eat the rest until it was added), and I thought he might like his breakfast outside on Sunday.  He didn't:

I don't think this counts as taking breakfast in the garden - I need a huge pot of tea and some croissants for that. As well as sun with some warmth in it and a decent book or the Sunday paper. Now, be a love and move my bowl back inside. You could put it on my bed if you like...

Thanks for popping in!!

P.S.  You can read the reviews about the blouse here, and find it on instagram with the tag #everydayblousepattern


  1. I keep pinning clothes patterns to make for myself ... and then I chicken out! I'll probably pin this blouse now too ...

  2. Well done!!! Great looking blouse.

  3. The blouse looks great. The elastic around the neck is interesting and I love the exposed zip.

  4. You've highlighted everything I hate about digital patterns! I did buy the Washi Dress from Made by Rae, which has comparatively few joining problems, but am yet to make it (should probably get a move on, summer's just round the corner here). I still love the whole unfolding the tissue and ironing the pieces bit about traditional patterns... The blouse is lovely, and you chose a really nice fabric for it.

  5. The blouse looks fantastic - and it sounds as though you don't need to make much adjustment to get it to fit just right. Hooray!

  6. Tthis blouse has turned out beautifully. I looks great :)

  7. Im a croissant tragic too, Archie.


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