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Simple Table Runner

Finish A Long 2016

Did I mention that I keep volunteering to make things for Mam?  It's no wonder my list just keeps growing, is it?!  In addition to the two cushions for her front room, she needed a new runner for her dining table.  We didn't want to use the same coral fabric as the cushions as it didn't go well with the cherry wood of the table (it made it look orange and cheap!) so we found a soft coral which still went nicely with the new carpet and curtains.   This is how it looked at the start of the quarter, when I made my Q3 FAL list:

Table runner for Mam

I don't have many photos of the progress of this runner because it was another really quick make and didn't really make interesting photos (although that doesn't usually stop me!).  I often find it hard to remember to take photos because my sewing machine is upstairs and my camera and phone (which isn't really a phone because it doesn't have a sim card in it, I just use it as a tiny tablet!) live downstairs.

Anyway, I stitched seven 2.5" strips together, three in the curtain fabric and four in the soft coral square dot, added 2.5" strips of the coral to either end and then layered and quilted (using the same Gutermann sulky 30 I used on the cushions).  I marked the quilting lines with a hera marker (again!) and rather than going for a 45deg grid, went for 60deg to give it a bit more interest as well as a softer look.

When it came to attaching the binding, I finally remembered to revisit something I used to do in my early days of quilting and then, for some reason, left behind:
Rather than stopping 1/2" from the end and backstitching, pivot by 45deg and sew off the corner
It gave such a good and effortless result that I'm once again making it my standard binding practice and can't for the life of me think why I stopped doing it!

I used my usual method for joining the beginning of the binding to the end:

Cut the binding so there's an overlap the same length as the width of your binding then join them as usual.  Works a treat every time.

And here's the runner in place:
Table runner for Mam
The back - I didn't have enough fabric to make a plain back so added a wide (6", I think) strip of curtain fabric to one end to make it double sided.

I snuck in to Mam's house when I knew she was out and put the runner on the table (she didn't know I'd got round to making it) and then snuck out again.  I was very surprised that she rang as soon as she got back in because she'd spotted it as she came through from the front door!  Does anyone else leave quilted presents in place and see how long it takes the recipient to notice them, or is it just me?
Table runner for Mam

Mini Archie seems to think he's going to be a mountaineer when he grows up and said he needed to practise:
I don't know what he thinks he's doing, but I'm going to sneeze any minute...

Thanks for popping in!!

P.S.  At the time of typing, we've got 328 finishes linked up - are yours among them?!


  1. Nice one. I like that minty colour =)

  2. Very nice. Seems like a quick and easy runner. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I bet your Mum was really pleased with that table runner. I'd like to make one for Christmas. I liked your hints and tips. They are really easy to follow. I'm contemplating making roman blinds for the new bathroom. The last ones have been up at the window for 20 years! I made them when the children were babies. Can't believe it has lasted this long. Time to make a new one though as we are changing the decor. All the best- Karen x

  4. I've never been able to sneak a quilted gift anywhere, since normally I have the intended owner champing at the bit for whatever it is, and most of them are too far away to just drop in on!
    I really wish I could buy good quilting thread, but we're a bit remote up here in north Queensland, and I have to make do with regular Gütermann cotton thread. I refuse to buy thread over the internet as I need to see the colours more accurately than online shops can show; I was misled once by a photo into buying thread which looked a soft blue-green and arrived looking bright turquoise :-(

  5. So you are the quilting fairy then!?? Lovely idea to give yur mama surprise. Mini Archie still up to high jinx I see - Archie has the patience of a saint!

  6. That 60 degree Quilting line offset is excellent and I think the fabric colours work really well together.
    Another Finish! Go Helen!! That #rediculouslylongfallist is getting shorter at last!
    I do love Mini Archie's ears... he's got the whole "copy the big boy" look, down pat.


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