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Fettle Those Finishes! Progress Reports

Hello, and welcome to Fettle Those Finishes!For those of you wondering what on earth 'fettle' means, it's one of those words which can mean different things. You can be in fine fettle (good health and feeling perky), you can fettle clay before firing (less of a dialect word, more of a technical one, that) and you can sort out/mend something or get it ready.  You might 'fettle that cupboard once and for all' (give it a good sort out), you might 'fettle the tension on that sewing machine' (fix it) or you might 'give it a fettle' (get it ready). For this, I'm using the 'sort out' definition as we're going to give our project list a good sort out and hopefully get some things crossed off. Flummoxed?  I do hope not!As promised in the post at the start of the year, this is a progress link up so you can reflect on your progress (note that that doesn’t mean just finishes, it means any and all progress on your Fettling List). I’ve also written a new Fettling List, expanding the waiting list. All of that means that I’ve muddied the waters of my own link party so feel free to link a progress post and then a separate Fettling List if yours has significantly changed or just one type of post or a combined one, whichever of those options works best for you. If you’re new to Fettling, you can absolutely join now, don’t let missing half the year put you off rolling up your sleeves, having a good furtle through your projects and deciding which you want to make progress on by the end of the year.

My Progress Report

I finished ET Phone Home 

I’ve pinned the Summersville blocks into sets of three (and then had to put them away as I needed to make some summer tops and that’s my top priority at the moment as I was desperate (and that’s no exaggeration) for summer tops.

I’ve bought the backing for Winterkist and washed it (and washed it and washed it and…) to get rid of excess dye. I started to straighten the edges, realised I didn’t have a straight edge to work from (it’s fleece) and have put it away until a friend can help point me in the right direction when the weather cools down.

I’ve slightly altered the templates for Pointy Points quilt (waiting list) to remove a seam between blocks. (And I’ve bought a printer cartridge ready for printing templates onto freezer paper when the time comes.)

Verdict: a good start and steady progress. 

Updated Fettling List can be found here (it was very satisfying to be able to delete ET when I copied the list over to the new page!), feel free to goggle at the waiting list! (It’s still a ridiculously long list, even if it isn’t a Finish Along list.)

Now it’s your turn to link up! I’ll keep it open until 17th August as I forgot to mention it in the recent Furtle so you have plenty of time to write your report, make any alterations to your list (if relevant) and assemble photos and links, etc. I look forward to reading them!

Fettling rules:

Be kind. Be encouraging. Be honest.* 

* Don’t put things on your list you’d finished before the year started/your list was written, there’s no fun or honour in that. 

Your list can be as long or as short as you wish. My new list is the same format (everything I have under construction, all of which will remain on the list until they’re finished, and then a waiting list of things planned but not started). Remember that it’s your list, compile and use it as you wish. 

There are no prizes, just the pride of whittling down your list to something which doesn’t keep you awake at night and the sense of achievement which comes from finishing something and crossing it off a list. And also the satisfaction which comes from making progress on something, whether it’ll be finished this year or not.

Try to visit other links to encourage and celebrate, we’re a small group and one of the lovely things about that is that visiting each other, just like the Furtles.

If you would like a button for your blog post, copy and paste the code below and paste it into your browser. The button should then magically appear, please shout if it doesn’t and I’ll see if I can help.  

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  1. Thank you so very much for the wonderful link-up! So proud of you finishing ET!!! Love your new list! Well done. Can't wait to see the tops.

    1. I’ve made two tops already since the pink striped one (bath have been far better behaved) and hope to have at least one or two more to show you by the time we Furtle in three weeks. And thank you for the proud face and encouragement!

    2. Yippeeeee! *Trixie and Thomas wave pompoms for your tops*

    3. *admires pompoms* Thank you, Trixie and Thomas!

  2. A great finish and a good list. Here's to more progress in the coming months!


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