Fettle Those Finishes 2022: A List (Part II)

The List

Lou Box tops (2022) Status on 1/7/22: active 

(One of these is in the airing cupboard and missed the photo shoot, the other is on its way
and should be here any day now.)

Low volume scrappy trip (2017) Status on 1/7/22: dormant

Summersville (2012) Status on 1/7/22: dormant 

Winterkist (2017) Status on 1/7/22: dormant

Jeans (2018) Status on 1/7/22: dormant

The Waiting List (In no particular order)


Socks (ongoing) - every time I finish a pair of socks, I ask Mr Random Number Generator to choose a number for me and I then find the corresponding ball/selection of balls in the sock lucky dip album. This is a collection of all the balls of sock yarn I have and I spent a few days at the start of the year  creating scrappy sock bags from the balls of leftovers which is (partly) why I have so many socks in waiting.


Pointy points quilt


These are all my dressmaking fabrics, most of which were bought with patterns in mind (some of those have changed). They’ve been measured and catalogued and are waiting for me to start work.


Two or three cushions based on this bargello purse (not these colours or necessarily this pattern) using gorgeous blue velvet for the back (a gift from my friend Salley)


The fabric boxes need labels which don’t fall out (Dulux changed the size of their paint charts between me getting the white boxes and the black ones) - I’m going to sew scraps to pieces of card.
A couple of QAYG cushions for the settee from these LV scraps. I have the wadding scraps set aside so all I need is the time/energy/motivation.

This is going to be a Toglet Theatre/display unit for tiny knickknacks. It needs sanding, painting and a new backing board and fabric.

Mini Archie has his own pin pennant (see below), I need my own. I’m thinking about a mini quilt or banner or hoop rather than the traditional pennant shape.

This is mine pin pennant from mine luffly chum Lock.


  1. What a fabulous list!!! Love MA's pin pennant! How adorable. I need one also, but I'm not yet ready to commit.

    1. Isn’t it lovely? I haven’t quite got a full plan for mine but I have the perfect spot for it below a mini quilt on the wall behind my work table so perhaps now I’ve identified the spot for it, the perfect format will make itself known?

    2. Oh, that sounds amazing! How fabulous. Can't wait to see photos.


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