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Mini Archie’s July Furtle Around The Blogosphere

Archie The Wonder Dog

Furtle (v): to have a rummage or delve into the contents of something

Hello! It has been a verrrrrry busy month full of projects and it’s only when I gathered together the photos for this post that I realised just how much I’d done and also why I’m so very, very tired! (I have done very little else, as Mini Archie would tell you if I let him…)

Before I get to that (and yes, I have had to come back and add this in as I completely forgot to mention it, how did you know?), a mid-year progress report link up for Fettle Those Finishes is open until 17th August. I’ve written my progress report and also written a new list (thereby rewriting/ignoring the guidelines of my own linkup). The link up and progress report is here and my new list is here. We are a small but merry band and always welcome newcomers, no matter how short the list. (Mine isn’t short. It’s the opposite of short, in fact.) 

I finished a pair of socks for a friend that was well on the way last month but didn’t get shown as I wanted to surprise her with the arrival of them. She knew they were coming at some point (hopefully before winter set in) as she bought the skein  but I’d finished those rainbow stripe socks before I’d put her skein in the cupboard so onto the swift it went. 

Yarn is Coastal Colours in a baby alpaca/silk/cashmere mix - it’s like knitting with a cloud.
(Which is a good thing, just in case you were wondering.)

I then moved onto another pair and Mr Random Number Generator chose this for me:

I’ll admit that my heart sank a little at his choice, this wasn’t my favourite combination when I was assembling scrappy sock ‘kits’ from the leftovers box but then I started knitting them and soon fell in love. (I used the clasped weft join for these as there was no way I’d be darning in all the ends.)

After all, who couldn’t love a pair of spog socks?

What are spogs? These sweets from liquorice allsorts. And yes, I did buy some for this photo. (And also because I’d been craving them the entire time I was knitting the socks.)

In between knitting (which is usually an evening activity unless I find a film I want to watch on an afternoon I’m awake), I’ve been making Lou Box tops. Several of them (I really was desperate for summer tops (I had none) so every time I finished one, I could go a day longer before putting the washer on!  

After making the toile and wearing it for a bit, I dropped the front neck half an inch (and then another quarter after the elephant top) and dropped the sleeve seam half an inch (on each piece so an inch in total) to make a deeper sleeve. These tweaks solved all the issues in the toile bar the bobbling, which has already begun in earnest. 

In the order they were made, may I present the top parade *drum roll*

Fabric is a cotton jersey and was from Pound Fabrics - it was a delight to sew
I added another three inches to the pattern (which made eight extra inches in total) but didn’t need two of them so instead of cutting
it off, I created an extra deep hem with two rows of twin stitching and I love it!
A viscose jersey which is now out of stock. Bit of a pain to cut out, lovely to sew and lovely to wear. I’ve since replaced the neck band as I wasn’t
happy with the way I’d applied it and it’s now grey. (If you’re going to make a change that takes all afternoon, may as well make it one you notice!)
Cotton jersey from Minerva - a pain to cut out*, a joy to sew and wear. (*The printed pattern wasn’t straight at the edges which made
life difficult. As a result, this 
has a 1” hem as I had to shift pieces over to get the print right and so couldn’t quite fit both on without lopping
a bit off the bottom of each one)
Viscose jersey from Minerva
Another viscose jersey from Minerva.
*bows* *acknowledges applause*

That now takes me halfway down the pile of jersey in the Cupboard Of Possibilities so hopefully there’ll be another top parade next month.

Mini Archie and Billy have been patrolling the garden for slugs and snails (although one did get through and munched its way through two pots of sunflowers…) as well as keeping me working hard on sewing tops and knitting socks. 
I doesn’t know why you is sitting out here, you has work to be getting on wif. Get back to it *stern face* *points inside*

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  1. *standing applause* What a lovely parade of finished projects!!!! Well done. Great job. Oh my, I would have thought MA would give you time outside for healthy Vitamin D time which will keep you healthy. *secret wink*

    1. Thank you! (Mini Archie snoopervises my morning Vitamin D tablet taking…)

  2. Oh wow that's amazing! Well done on all you've done.

  3. Love those bright colour socks. They'll be needed for keeping tootsies warm this winter. And a lovely set of soft comfy tops. Enjoy the Vitamin D outside 🌞🌞🌞 Lots of applause for lots of finishes 👏👏👏👏👏


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