Friday, 17 May 2019

A Finish: Sunrise Socks

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I have two pairs of socks on this quarter's FAL list and I've finished the first pair!  They're for a friend who likes tailor-made knitted socks which fit just how she prefers so I consulted my copious notes from the previous 4 ply pair I made for her and knitted these, but with a little bit more room (two extra stitches) across the top of the foot. Aren't they a glorious colour?  Like having a sunrise at the end of your legs!

This is item 15 on my Q2 list and my first finish of this quarter, which I'll be linking up when the time comes.

Mini Archie has a new friend, Billy Fishermouse:

Ahoy there!!
A 'Mystery Luffly Person' arranged with Sue to send Billy to live with us - you can see the pictures of his arrival on my Instagram feed here and here (you don't need an instagram account to view them).  His arrival caused a flurry of measuring to see where he fitted in the family:

From left: Alf, Mini Archie, Billy, Peter, The Squeaks

And then some clothes arrived, again courtesy of MLP, this time conspiring with Debbie @themousetailor so that his undercarriage was covered.  As he's a fishermouse (and Pirate Hunter), she made him an outfit suitable for fishing and they all set out on a test run:

That's all for now (I'm attempting to write shorter posts so that I can, eventually, post slightly more often and not feel as though I've got loads to catch up on) - thanks for popping in!


  1. These socks are so terrifically lovely!!! Again, congratulations on the new addition to your set of chums. Billy looks so wonderfully appointed and ready for the water adventures!

  2. Mmm, those socks are either tropical sunrise, or sunset colours. Either way, very cheery! :D I *love* the photo of the gang lined up from tallest to the smallest toglet--reminds me of school a bit. I'm sure they had lots of fun on their fishing adventure--glad to see they're properly accoutred! :D xx

  3. Lovely socks in such a beautiful colour. They seam to be slightly wider round the ankles than socks usually are. That's just what I need to do too; I'll have to try casting on for a large size and then decreasing before the heel. Have you any hints?


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