Finish-Along Q2 2019

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1.  (Q3 2015)  I'm making a low-volume and turquoise version of a scrappy trip around the world quilt and I've actually started the piecing!  Yes, I'm as shocked as you are!  I've made four blocks so far and, if I carry on at this rate, I'll have all the blocks pieced in a mere...four years. Which is almost as long as it's sat untouched so...

2. (Q1 2015)  Oh, this poor quilt!  It's been on several of my FAL lists and was, briefly, a finish.  Then I realised that there was a problem with the quilting (the bobbin thread keeps snapping) and I've been meaning to replace the quilting.  I was going to quilt it with the 40wt version of the 50wt I originally used, but I'm currently lacking confidence in that brand of thread so am going to get some YLI or King Tut and use that instead.  It was originally quilted with grey on top and turquoise in the bobbin, but I think I'll just stick with one colour, probably grey...

Drunkard's Path quilt - the front

3(Q2 2016)  I have been planning this quilt since at least 2013 and would like to at least make a start on prepping blocks.  (I've been saying that for a while...)  I have a range of backgrounds and some gorgeous Oakshott (Scandinavian, I think).  The block pattern is in the photo and I've already completed a test block. 
Pointy points

4. (Q2 2016)  This needs layering and pinning ready for quilting, once I've bought the wadding and decided on how I'm going to quilt it. I doubt I'll make progress on this for quite a while, but once a project is on my FAL list, it stays on until it's either finished or officially abandoned! (No, they're not two different colours of background, it's just the difference between pieced/unpieced and straight/bias - you don't see it in real life.)

ET top

5. (Q4 2016) I'm going to turn this pink pin cord into a round neck pinafore version of the Kate dress:

6. (Q4 2016) This black and white lawn is going to be a Kate dress

7. (Q4 2016) This rather 80s winter sports print (it really could be from then as it came out of someone's loft!) is going to become a version of the Kate dress, possibly with a v neck and long/elbow length sleeves.

8 and 9. (Q2 2017) The middle fabric in this pile is going to become my second Everyday Blouse, and the top fabric is going to become a Kate dress:
Boyes strikes again! The fabric at the bottom (a chambray-coloured poplin at £2.45/m) is going to become a toile of the Fancy Tiger sailor top pattern I bought from @charlottesews_destash (possibly with the addition of some pink gingham bias binding as an

10. (Started around October 2012)  I've recently cut all the pieces for the nine patch blocks which will alternate with the embroidered blocks and I'm going to start writing the rest of the stories the stories behind the blocks, maybe one a week?

11.  (Q2 2017) I want to make a Christmas quilt (yes, another one!) from these pieces of Winterkist.  I'm going to make a version of Sarah's Stained quilt, with navy sashing (thanks for the idea, Salley!):
The other project I need background for is this lovely collection of Winterkist. I'm going to make a version of @sleepinsarah's Stained quilt (swipe to see the two I've already made) and am trying to decide on a colour for the sashing - any suggestions?

12. (Q2 2017) This Italian lawn is going to become a top version of the Kate dress:
Italian lawn - Kate top

13.  (Q4 2017) The pinafore I made last year needs a lining (it needs a slip under it, but the armholes are too low for the slips I have, so a lining it is):
Pinafore - needs a lining

14. (Q4 2018) Jen (Mum In The Mad House) and I are making jeans together and we are having our hands held by a very talented friend of ours, without who we wouldn't be doing this! I've traced and altered the pattern as far as I'm able without a first fit and have washed my denim. 

15. (Q2 2019) Socks: 

16. (Q2 2019) Socks:

17 and 18. (Q2 2019) I have an old waxed coat which I think would make lovely pouches (go on, admit that you're surprised that's what I'm making) and have bought a checked shirt from a charity shop and I'm aiming for two large Lola pouches this quarter.  Or, at the very least, I'd like to at least cut the coat and shirt up so that they take up a bit less room:

19.  (Q2 2019) Lettered pouch I can't say much about this without giving away too much, but I'm making a Bloem basket/pouch (I can't decide until I see the pieced panel(s), but I think it'll be a Bloem basket) for someone and am using raw edge applique and foundation paper piecing:

Look at that, a FAL list under twenty!  I'm still a member of the #ridiculouslylongFALlist gang, which is nice...   

Mini Archie is standing guard so I don't run screaming out of my sewing room...

And just where does you fink you is going, missy?  Get back in there and get cracking!


  1. You certainly have enough plans for this quarter! Have fun making all these projects.

  2. What a wonderful list! It's so great to see progress on your low-volume and turquoise version of a scrappy trip around the world quilt. Also, great to see you get to swap in new yarn for more socks! Wow, MA looks ready to tackle you if you try to leave!!! :-O I do love following your adventures on IG and look forward to your next Bloem Basket. Enjoy!!!

    1. Well it wouldn't be an FAL list without at least one pair of socks, would it?!

  3. That's a healthy looking list, plenty to keep you busy. Looking forward to seeing your finished projects.

  4. I always enjoy reading your list. good luck!

  5. I'm glad that MA is keeping you on task, mind you with 'only' 19 your in danger of dropping off the bottom of the #ridiculouslylongfallist 😜

    1. Thanks! And yes, I think I am, but, fortunately, even a list with one project would qualify me if the project were big enough! There's very little chance of me getting a big quilt, say, finished in three months if it wasn't already pieced and layered!

    2. P.S. I can't find your FAL list - am I looking in the wrong place?!!

  6. I love your black and white bows for a Kate dress. And I look forward to seeing ET finished one day! Good luck.

  7. OMG #ridiculouslylongfallist! A club I didn't even know I was part of. ;-) Enjoy choosing what you'll work on this quarter. Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2019 global FAL hosts.


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