Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Mini Archie's April Furtle Around The Blogosphere

Archie The Wonder Dog

Hello and welcome to the April Furtle! Once again, the month has got away from me and I haven't managed a mid-month blog post, but I did manage to write my Q2 FAL list, so I'm counting that as a partial win!  I have high hopes for a May blog post because I'm almost finished the socks I'm knitting for a friend and I'm going to try to blog all my finishes this quarter.  ('All' sounds like I'm expecting loads but, in truth, I fear it's going to be a thin month for finishes.) Oh, and I've started catching up on the Summersville stories, so perhaps I've managed more blogging than I'd realised?  Just not 'posts'...

As I said, I've been knitting a pair of socks for a friend and have used my Socker's Rule for the first time (I got mine from My Mama Knits), which made it a lot easier to quickly check whether the foot (and leg) was long enough - I wasn't sure it would be much faster/easier/clearer than a tape measure, but I have to say that I do like it.  The only problem with it is that it doesn't fit in my knitting pouch and I wish they did a folding version...  (And also that if you're knitting a size 12 sock, then the ruler isn't long enough.  Fortunately, I don't knit any socks that long!)

And here are the socks, almost finished and just requiring Kitchener stitch to close the toes and then ends to be darned in:

See why I'm fairly confident of a May finish?!!

That's all the crafting I've done this month as I haven't been well enough to do anything else, but at least I've managed something as, at one point, all I'd done was cast on two socks!  I do hope your months have had more crafting in them!

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Mini Archie has taken a liking to the socks:

It's luffly and cosy in here, but mine nose is cold..

I finks that's a bit betterer!  Now, this is for I, yes?

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  1. Oh Archie! You looks so snug and comfy in that beautiful sock, your mum will have make another sock for you now! Thank you for introducing me to Socker's Rule.


  2. Mini Archie looks comfy there!

  3. I really like your sock ruler - never seen one before but may have to acquire one now. Pretty socks and a perfect sleeping bag for Archie!

    1. I'm surprised by how much I use it - I got it so that, when I'm making socks for people whose feet aren't available for sock trying on, I can be more confident that they're the right size, but I'm finding I'm using it to check cuff and leg length, too. Of course, Mini Archie is eyeing it up as a surf board, but he needn't bother!

  4. Nice socks, hopefully you can get them gifted before full flipflop weather arrives. Otherwise Archie may just claim them as his own!

    1. They've gone in a bag in the cupboard (of doom) until the pair I'm currently knitting are finished and then they will get posted up together. Fortunately, Billy's arrival has distracted Mini Archie from stealing socks for sleeping bags...

  5. I see why you like those socks, MA--what wonderfully evocative summery colours--I'd suggest a fruit cocktail but I'm pretty sure you'd rather have a teacayk. ;-) I'd never seen/heard of a socker's rule until I saw your post earlier in the week, and was gobsmacked to find one as a freebie in Smudges while the Mr had his MRI scan. Talk about serendipitous, so thank you for sharing that! xx

  6. Such fine looking socks and obviously, a wonderful hideout for MA! So sorry you haven't been feeling well; maybe May, being a longer month, will see you firstly, feeling better, and secondly, bring on more lovely crafty projects.
    Looking at your socker's rule, I wonder if there's such a thing for making accurate gloves . . . I started a pair years ago and got all confused on the fingers. :(

    1. You could definitely make something similar for gloves - maybe a sturdy piece of cardboard with measurements marked on it? I've not made gloves, but they look very tricky, particularly the thumb gusset and those skinny fingers! I shall keep an eye out...

  7. Oh Mini Archie you are a funny wee lad...pretty socks, and clearly comfy cosy as test driven by the model...

  8. Love the photos of Archie ! Now ... I wish we could have a coffee , because you see, I bought a crappy knitting magazine last week for the free sock ruler . But I'm not sure what to do with it !!


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