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My mind is blank so this title will have to do! (Or 'Why is the title the hardest part?')

I don't think there are words to express how grateful and appreciative I am for the warm and supportive welcome I have received.  Lynne is so incredibly supportive of new bloggers and so are her followers so...thank you!  I have promised Lynne that when I hit 1300 followers I shall return the favour but by then I don't think we'll have blogs; we will transport a portion of ourselves into the ether for face-to-face chats while the remaining portion stays behind and stitches!  Thank you for all the lovely comments; were you all being kind and not pointing it out or did you genuinely not notice the typo in the title?!  Note to self...when you proofread the post, remember to include the title I think I may compose a list of bloggy rules for myself, like Gibbs' rules in NCIS!  I wanted to reply to all of you but quite a few of you are 'no-reply' bloggers and I couldn't reply so "Thank you for comments"!

As this is intended to be a blog about quilting, etc., I think it's about time I shared more than the odd hexie...and we all know how odd one of them was!!  (If you're just here for the hexies or the cute dog photos don't panic, they're further down!)

My most recent finish used the pattern from the QAL hosted by Jennifer .  I didn't join in the QAL but discovered it through another blog and started way after everyone else finished!!  I was given the charm pack (I think it's Freebird by Momo but please feel free to correct me!) and hadn't a clue what to make and the QAL came at just the right time.  Without further ado, here's the 'ta da' moment...are you ready?!

Sorry about the odd angles - I've yet to work out the best place to take photos of larger quilts, I may need to invest in a washing line, just for the photo opportunity!
The back, with a toothpaste stripe!

The solids are Moda Bella - I have no idea what the colours are called so I hope no one wants to know!  I machine quilted the ditches to stabilise the squares and then used coton a broder for the hand quilting.  It was the first time I'd used anything other than standard thread or quilting thread for hand quilting and (I think) it went really well.  I marked the squares using a hera marker and used an embroidery needle as it had enough bend in it to allow me to rock.  (Does that sound like a cheesy line from an awful film?!)

I would like to sell this quilt and have approached a couple of local shops but it didn't fit in with their stock theme and we're short of crafty handmade shops up here.  I'm going to have a think about where to go next and if I don't sell it then I'll adopt it.  Ceri has been really helpful (thank you!) as has Marjorie (thank you!) but if anyone else has any suggestions they're very welcome!

I haven't managed much sewing in the past few days but I have managed another three-hexie combo

I haven't joined these either but I did manage to sellotape them to the door in the right order!
 I called into my LQS yesterday for some buttons and somehow came out with two more fat quarters for my hexies.

The new fabrics are centre and right - in a rare piece of luck I bought a FQ with the details so I can tell you it's from the range celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Paducah Quilt Museum and the fabric on the left has just arrived in the post and is from 'Dream a Little Dream' by In the beginning.
If you're not interested in dogs please skip to the bottom!

We've had Alfie staying for the last 24 hours - a little holiday for him!  Archie was feeling quite generous and allowed Alfie to roll him

Doggy action shots are tricky - sorry it's a bit blurry!
Followed by the doggy version of a Mexican stand-off...

Spot Archie's lovely pink tongue!
 Followed by an uneasy truce...

He may look relaxed but Alfie is like a coiled spring!
Followed (finally!) by an afternoon nap...

I promise I didn't pose this photo!
If you've made it all the way down here, well done!  I hope I haven't bored you all silly with the doggy photos!  Must go I've promised myself that I'll finally take up a pair of trousers, yawn!  Well, they have been waiting since *ahem* well before Christmas - oops!


  1. OMG, that quilt is gorgeous! love the wonky squares. Can't believe the shops didn't take it, their loss I say! I'm sure it'll sell if you find the right about Etsy/folksy?
    Thanks for the mention, by the way :) x

  2. That quilt is fab, yep looks like free bird to me but what I like best is the aqua background. I have this design on my never ending lists of quilts to make!

  3. Love the quilt. Love the way you write. And really love that you have 43 followers already! Well done you.

  4. Whew hew 43 followers?!!? I blinked and look what happened! Helen the quilt is Gorgy, would do well via Etsy. If you'd like help let me know...I sell my jewelry this way and can walk you through it. Oooh we could design such a cute storefront for you!!!

  5. And you hem pants too?! What a gal.

  6. Love the quilt and that hand quilting just sets the blocks off beautifully. Well done!

    And PLEASE ... whatever you do ... don't stop the doggy pics!

  7. Your blue and squares quilt looks fantastic! And yes a laundry line really helps with taking photos! And goodness... those dogs are too cute!! Bet they are a lot of help in your sewing room!

  8. Your quilt is lovely I don't think you will have any problem selling it. Archie and Alfie are so funny, my two use to play together but Lady is now just too old. I never noticed your mistake..I always check my post in "preview" as it would look on the blog, I see more mistakes that way for some unknown reason. Linda x

  9. I love your quilt - and I love the way you write too - very funny and friendly. And I like the dog bits even though I don't have dogs myself!

  10. Love that charm square quilt - must check out the link.
    Great newsy post, keep 'em coming.

  11. What a gorgeous quilt! I'm still not able to 'follow' you officially - the button to click just isn't there when I view, but know that I'm following and reading anyway! Jxo

  12. Great post, great quilt and great dog pics too! I keep looking at etsy to sell my quilts but haven't taken the plunge yet!

  13. The quilt is beautiful..nice work.....and thanks for the mention....

  14. Dude! What an amazing blog! I am not a fan of quilt blogs. You know, the ones that are ONLY quilts and fabric with no real life in them? Maybe I am just incredibly nosey but I think you understand someone's makes better if you know THEM a little and not just what stash they have! Therefore and ergo your dog(s) and easygoing chat mean I am going to be a regular visitor here! That said, I love your quilt. What a brilliant colour choice that turquoise was - bravo!

  15. Love the quilt, love the dogs! :) I know how super exciting it is to start gaining followers--I felt the same way after Lynne did the Small New Blog Meetup! :) Looking forward to reading more from you!

  16. Hi, We've sort of met on the flickr group. I saw you'd started this blog on Lily's Quilts and I've come to follow you :)

  17. I love the "voice" you have on your blog. Friendly, self deprecating, funny and you make quilts! Great blog.


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