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A finish!

As promised I'm back with a finish...I have to confess that this quilt has been finished for a couple of months and I've been patiently waiting to learn the name of the baby so I could make the label.  I knew it was going to be a girl but, if I'm honest, I didn't let that affect my fabric choice.  A couple of people asked why I chose a blue fabric for the back when I knew it was going to a girl but I really don't think it matters.  (And Paddington was too cute to turn down!)  While I was piecing this (and the other baby quilt I made at the same time) I pictured lots of time spent playing 'Spot the cat/dog/fish' and then Mummy and Daddy making up stories about the characters in the quilt.  I deliberately didn't use all picture fabric in the quilt as I wanted to get a nice balance of colours use what I had in my stash and I really like the way it's turned out.

  40" square.  I used Polydown for a nice puffy look (and it dries quite quickly!) and quilted in the ditch.

I wasn't sure how much information to show about the baby - Rosie is her middle name!

I also crocheted a blanket for baby to snuggle under in her pram - her mum loves stripes and the green just happens to match with her pram/buggy fabric, a complete coincidence!

36" by 42" (I think!) Made using Baby Bamboo.

Couldn't resist a ruffle photo!
The ruffle was inspired by a tutorial at Tales from Cuckoo Land and really finished the blanket - it looked a little naked before I added it!  These, plus a gorgeous knitted crib blanket made by my mum (sorry, no photo - she wrapped it weeks ago!), were posted today and will take a couple of days to arrive - hope they like them!

I tried to take a photo of Archie that showed off his curly tail but he wasn't cooperating...I opened the back door and said "Out!" and I think he was worried he was going to have a B-A-T-H!!

This was the best I could do, you can see a hint of a curl!  I'll have to remember to take my camera with me when we go for a walk and see if I can catch him by surprise!

After a couple of minutes of refusing to have a decent photo taken he did this...

...I got the message and gave up!

I've changed my comments box to be a pop-up after Linda pointed out it made it easier to comment - I hope you like it that way (if not, please shout and I'll see what other options I have!).

I've got another four hexies prepped and ready to stitch but don't have any new ones to show - sorry, I'll get started right away...bye!

P.S.  Nicky, you're right, uploading all my photos at once is much faster!  (But why do they sometimes refuse to move?!)


  1. Lol @ Archie ... cheeky monkey (uh, sorry... dog!). Love the quilt. Wish I had something like it when I was little.

  2. Beautiful little finish Helen!

  3. Lovely baby quilt......and you crochet too!

  4. Great looking quilt, but what really caught my eye is the ruffle on the knit blanket... really does finish it off nicely. And poor cheeky Archie -- doing his best to smile for you.

    p.s. big yes to pop up comment boxes!

  5. Quilt is great and Paddington rocks! I like that it's not too girly. Re photos sometimes I can't get mine to move but find if I press delete and then reload it (you don't have to re-upload it, it should still be there in your little box it works, does that make sense?)

  6. Baby Quilt is cute, and I love the blankie! (my pictures on blogger never move properly...)

  7. Love the bright colours in the quilt and great gift. Crochet too! Lucky baby.

  8. The quilt is lovely and I think it's nice to steer away from pink as pretty much everything in the shops for baby girls is pink.
    The crochet blanket is gorgeous and the Baby Bamboo is so snuggly. I WILL learn to crochet one day!

  9. Answered by email! grin! I feel like a genie in the lamp! your next request Mistres??

  10. Forgot to say great finish and now you are answering my blog post questions before I ask them??? How do you do that Helen???

  11. The quilt is super and the blanket...well, I'm very envious of your skills, the ruffles rock! x

  12. Hi Helen, Lynne suggested you might like visitors. I am like you in thinking "who would be interested in my blog?" As such I have not started a blog (yet LOL). Just wanted to say hello and good luck. Dianne

  13. What a cutsie baby quilt, and you crochet too! Multi-talented! My uploaded pics don't move either which is why I upload one at a time into the relevant part of the text (unless I'm doing a series of pics that can be shown together). Just the limitations of blogger I think. Jxo

  14. Your baby quilt is gorgeous but I LOVE that crochet blanket. I crochet a teeny bit and this makes me really want to have a better go - the ruffle is the perfect finishing touch.

    My photos never move, either! I upload them in one go in order and write the text inbetween.

  15. Gorgeous ruffle! I wholeheartedly agree that a ruffle finishes of a piece a treat. Fab blanket you clever stick. Lovely colours.


  16. Ooh, that blanket should be soft if you made it from bamboo. I love the way that fiber feels.

    Never thought about how long it takes a quilt to dry. Brilliant to make it fast drying. Love Paddington, and the colors, and the little bits of pictures to tell stories about.

    AND I love Archie's spots. I didn't realize that he has speckled ears. Something about sports and freckles tugs at my heart every time.

    Thanks for sharing!

  17. Gorgeous finish! I love puffier quilting, so Poly Down looks awesome. Label is perfect. You crochet too!!! Beautiful. That's on my list of things to learn to do.

  18. Well I "wonder" what happened to my post from last night? Lost in space :(
    I was commenting on the spotty nature of Wonder dog's ears.
    Nice VERY nice crochet. How come it doesnt all ripple in a ghastly way like my crochet????

  19. OK now I didn't even know about the whole pop up box thing and don't know whether I have that on mine or not! How did you make the box pop up?! Great post again BTW and I love the dog pics and the baby quilt.

  20. Archie is such a cutie! Thanks for following my blog and commenting.. I'm going to follow yours too. LOVE the brightly colored quilt with the sweet label, and the crocheted blanket. Nice to meet you. :)

  21. Great finishes :-) Really love the colours you used for the crochet blanket.


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