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Almost as good as new!

Archie would like to thank you for all the well wishes you have sent and he wants you to know he's had all his staples removed and his ear is healing well!  I took him back to the vet this morning and, after about 10 minutes of Helen/Archie wrestling, all six staples were on the table.  I've got to confess that it distressed him more than I'd expected (hope this isn't going to be too much detail but the scab had formed over the staples so she had to take that off before she could get to them) and by the time she'd taken four out I had to ask her to put a muzzle on him as he didn't want my hand clamped round his snout and was fighting and growling.  He's usually so placid and obedient so it was plainly hurting.  Once I was just holding him still rather than trying to stop him snapping at the vet (!) it was much easier.  Archie was fine the moment the muzzle was removed and he was on the floor (he hates being on the table and he shakes so much the table rocks!) and he was rewarded for his bravery with some treats - I think he deserved an 'I've been good at the vet' sticker (like the ones the dentist gives out) but dogs don't seem to appreciate stickers...perhaps because they don't have jumpers to stick them on.

So there'll be no more of these photos 

He looks so sad...He's probably thinking 'Does my muzzle look long in this lamp shade?' (Yes!)
That, or 'I wish she'd stop waving that thing (camera!) in front of my face'

 He wouldn't let me take a photo that showed his poorly ear...last night he did this 
whenever I tried... the dog equivalent of 'la la la, I'm not listening'!

And more of these 
So relaxed!

I haven't got any new hexies to show (it's been a busy couple of days and I haven't had chance to prepare any more pieces) but Rebecca at Making Rebecca Lynne has confessed to a long-standing tumbling blocks UFO that started life as 'just because' present for her boyfriend and 10 (yes, TEN!) years later her boyfriend has become her husband and he's still waiting for his quilt!  Please pop over and give her a little nudge (or a supportive and encouraging comment if that's more your style!) - she really needs encouragement to help her finish it as a surprise for her beloved Mr MRL (it's going to be great!) and I've promised to support (nag) her until she finishes!  (I just hope it doesn't bring out the as yet unsuspected fishwife in me!!).  She has been very complimentary about my blog (thank you!) so you can read nice things about Archie the wonder dog, see a cute dog photo and then do some nagging be encouraging!!  She's also having a giveaway for My Memories Suite Digital Scrapbooking software (Rebecca shows you some of the different things you can use it for, including images and buttons for blogs) so you could win something while you're there!

Also, Nicky is choosing between two designs for her Across the Sea QAL and I'm sure she'd appreciate some feedback and help choosing between the two options - she's making a fright night quilt to curl up under whilst watching Dr Who this Autumn and it's already looking great - ruby red is such a good colour choice for a 'scary film' quilt!!  Nicky has been wonderfully supportive in the last week and held my hand as I dipped my toe in the blogging pool - it's hard to believe that this time last week I didn't really know her, now it feels like I've known her for ages.  She had sad news yesterday so I'm sure she'd appreciate some new visitors...

I thought I'd share my first ever project (made in 2006) - a cushion.  I could already sew before I started quilting but had never attempted patchwork (I'm not keen on that word...anyone else feel the same?) and I bought a set of templates from my LQS that could be combined to make about 30 different 12" traditional blocks (they don't sell them any more).  I set to with the templates and a pencil, resting on an old NEXT directory (which I always use if I want a firm surface while I'm sewing/marking lines whilst watching telly - it's very handy and a vital part of my kit!) and drew round the fabrics I'd chosen.  It didn't take long to chose as all my sewing stuff (needles, thread and scissors as well as fabric) was kept in a shoe box so choice was limited, to say the least!  (A shoe box!  Now I have a sewing room!)

Excuse the scrumpled nature of this cushion, it's well used!
I couldn't get a decent photo that really showed the quilting...this was the best I could manage.

 I hand quilted with a variegated quilting thread (YLI, I think) in purples.    I found the hand quilting difficult as someone (lady in a local all crafts under one roof place - not the one beginning with H!) told me that Warm and Natural was good for hand quilting and I ended up doing a stab stitch rather than a running stitch - it never occurred to me that it was the wadding that was the problem, rather than me!  (I used Warm and White in my wonky quilt as I wanted a low loft wadding and it's still hard work to hand quilt through but it's manageable, particularly if you're using perle cotton or something similar and so don't want small stitches.)

This was the first time I'd joined more than one block together (it felt like a really big step!) and I decided to add beads to the stars so they would catch the light and twinkle.  I was thrilled when I went to see her and it had pride of place on the chair in the hallway - it's still there so she must like it!

I hope you've enjoyed seeing where it all started - I'm part way through embroidering a quilt label for a baby quilt so I should have a finish the next time I see you!

This was going to be a short(ish) post - that'd be a fail, then!!


  1. Those cushions are great! And so pleased Archie is back to his happy self. He most definitely deserves a treat!

  2. Yay! Glad Archie's got the lampshade off :-) Dogs are sooo funny with the lampshades, they really seem to get self conscious!

  3. Glad Archie ok after that ordeal. My cats used to leave sweaty pawmarks on the vet's table......

  4. Awww bless Archie! My old dog Poppy used to hate the vet too. She used to sit down at the entrance and refuse to go in. My new dog Ava is so daft that as soon as she gets the biscuit after the treatment she forgets the ordeal she's just been through!

  5. Glad for Archie and thanks for the plug! You are too nice!

    I love the friendship star block but have only just made one for the Farmer's Wife. Absolutely gorgeous colours and the beads to finish!?

  6. Aw Archie looks so much happier now, poor pet! Great early makes - mine are horrors! Jxo

  7. Wow I cant believe you only started last week - look how many followers you have yeah! What's your secret? Lovely to see where you started (I don't really like the word patchwork either!)

  8. How cute does your dog look curled up, I'm so not showing my daughter (as I've said before, I would be out the door!). Great work, very calming colours. Will check out those Blogs. x

  9. So glad that Archie is doing better. He is the star of the show after all. And, personally, I'm with him...I hate going to the vet with The Girls. Bleh.

    Thank you for the mention...I've had a few visitors and I am signing off the computer NOW to go deal, I mean courageously conquer, some hexagons!

    The Mr. still has no idea what is going on. Shaking head...what powers of observation he has...

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  11. Take #2 - (without typos)
    I bet Archie is glad to be rid of the lampshade. They look so miserable when they have to wear one, don't they.

  12. Oh, Archie makes me laugh so! He really is in the huff with that lampshade on, isn't he? The wee pet. I had one of our rats at the vet on Friday (I actually thought I wasn't going to be bringing him home) and he's done a Lazarus and is as bright as a bright thing since. I think he hopes if he's sprightly he won't have to go back again!!

  13. Oh poor Archie, humans would be just as bad (probably worse) if they were having that done to them, so he's very brave! great cushions too :) x

  14. I came here from Lily's Quilts and your comment from my blog. Poor Archie, I hope he is doing better! Love the beaded pillow, btw!

  15. Oh that part about Archie, not being able to have a sticker because he hasn't a jumper to put it on, made me laugh out loud! Thanks for your reply comment yesterday(?) I thought I'd fixed my no reply status but I must have imagined it. Or the bad blogger fairy has been messing with stuff again.


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