Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Fresh Sewing Day

I really didn't think I'd done enough to make a mosaic for October but I've just about managed to scrape one together!

I made some more hexies right at the start of the month (and haven't made any more since!)  I love stripes!, Untitled and Untitled

I was assigned my partner in the Pillow Fight swap and sketched some Design ideas and stitched the First four blocks

I also did A spot of crochet and finally remembered to take some decent photos of wonky Untitled

I made charity blocks for Judith Untitled and Karen Untitled

And I was lucky enough to receive presents from two friends Presents! (fabric for my hexies!) and Aurifil from Lynne

And last, but not least, there was Archie voting in the Japanese Scrap Bag challenge

Quite a good month considering how tired I've been!  I hope you've had a good month of stitching, hop over to Lynne's Fresh Sewing Day to see what everyone else has been up to!

I can't leave you without sharing a new photo or three of Archie, who likes to stand at the door through to the conservatory (where his food is kept - one of the reasons he likes spending time in there!) in the hope of looking pathetic enough to wangle an extra biscuit or two out of me...

Any chance of an afternoon snack?
Well if one biscuit is the best you can do then I'm off to bed...

Have a lovely day and thanks for popping in!

P.S.  Thanks for the reminder Nicky, I'd never have remembered to write this post if it wasn't for you!


  1. I love that sad pathetic face in the first photo - what an actor he is!

  2. I have one that does exactly the same, she does it with both legs ( not at the same time lol)...I will have to get a pic, lovely crochet by the way, great colours.

  3. Archie could be my cat's twin in that woeful, you are starving me, look :)

    You've done a good amount, especially given you've been struggling for energy this month. I think my favourite are those blue and white blocks.

  4. I don`t blame you Archie - one biscuit! A great month of makes and lovely ones too.

  5. Archie is such a cute dog. I have thought to start a hexie quilt with using a lot of my scraps but have never gotten around to it. Do you make yours with the soft cardboard templates and English paper piece?

  6. Your hexies are great - I really can't get over how clever they are!

  7. Awe, Archie, just ONE biscuit! Soon be tea time! lol That's a productive month by any standards Helen, wonderful!

  8. Your wonky squares quilt is so sweet! I hope November proves to be a better month :)

  9. You got more loveliness done than you thought. I hope you'll report on what you think of the Aurifil I'm still yet to try it!

  10. love everything in your mosaic! especially Archie voting, he is adorable. x

  11. I love no.7. You've done really well considering it's been a dud month energy-wise. I was showing one of my girls your pics of Archie - she thought he was sooooooo cute! He really should be on the stage! Jxo

  12. You do yourself an injustice Helen - that is a good month.

  13. I do love your Archie photos! And obviously your sewing photos too!! You have had a productive month, especially with all that was going on with Archie

  14. You have made some pretty things, but I have to say that Archie rather puts it all in the shade - I think it must be those eyes!

    Pomona x

  15. Oh, wow, your hexies are amazing! And Archie is too cute.

  16. Hi Helen!
    Love, love, love those stripey hexies... almost as much as wee Archie!

  17. I think you did pretty good last month! I love all the pictures in your mosaic very gorgeous! And Archie... well he's just a cutie as always. Beautiful! and such an actor! LOL... hugs Ellyx

  18. Terrific mosaic and I think you should start hiring Archie out for commercials!! You would make a mint.

  19. No wonder Archie is forlorn. He is camouflaged against the white door and quilt. You cant see he just wants a bicky for all his hard work.
    Can he do me an autograph before he gets totally famous?
    Love the teeny tiny batiks against crisp white.
    A month of very clever work, Helen. What do you produce in a good month? Amazing.

  20. Doing great Helen and as for Archie - we all love him!


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