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FAL Finish: Medium Rope Basket

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Item sixteen on my Q4 FAL list was a medium-sized rope basket to keep a pair of shoes/boots in - it's a tiny porch and I'm sick of tripping over my shoes on the doormat!

As you can see, it's a bit mis-shapen and coggly, but the fact that it's rope and so doesn't hold its shape* works in my favour, I think. Also, it's never seen from the side (the porch is too small for that unless you touch your toes and look three inches in front of your nose) and it looks less coggly in real life, I think.

Here it is with the small one, where the shape (or lack of it) is much more obvious.  (As is the fact that one hank of rope was clearly a slightly different shade!)  It has 80m of rope in it, about 1000m of thread (I lost count!) and took quite a while to make.  It also involved lots of wrestling and sewing with my head (or half of it) in the basket so I could actually see the foot. 

All I need to do now is turn the remaining hanks into a basket to store quilts in in the front room.  That one will be seen from the side (and from across the room), so I'm going to have to work harder on getting the shape even.  I have a couple of ideas and am going to try them on a small one first so I don't waste thread, electricity, energy and time on an idea which doesn't work. I may be some time!

Mini Archie thought you might need an idea of scale (like the size 8 Docs weren't enough to show you how large it it!) so here he is posing:

Just fink about how many Teacayks you could fit in there...

Thanks for popping in!

*It does stand up by itself, whether empty or full, it's just that because the sides aren't rigid (by choice), the shape is slightly altered each time, say, a full shopping bag leans against it and I think that allows me to get away with the coggle. Or so I tell myself because there's no way I'm unpicking it and starting again!


  1. Done is perfect! Congratulations on your finishes and on having the sheer force of will to turn that much rope into something very useful that you will appreciate every day!

    1. Thank you! I’m hoping to make an even bigger one soon!


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