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Mini Archie's August Furtle Around The Blogosphere

Archie The Wonder Dog

Hello! I don't feel like I've managed much this month, but when I look at the pictures I've taken, I realise I've grafted the toes of eight socks (two of which were half knitted, and two which were started from scratch this month), made good progress on another pair, and hand pieced three LV blocks!  You'll notice that all of these can (and have!) been done while sitting on the settee watching telly (I've been catching up with 'Suits' from the beginning and have watched all of seasons one, two, and three. Unfortunately, the channel which was showing them has stopped at the end of season three so I need to keep an eye out for them starting season four.) and drinking tea.  Except when it's been too hot to drink tea, of course.  Roll on autumn!

Here's what I've been making this month:

Every time I crop photos of these blocks, they turn blurry - very frustrating!  Which is why there's a lot of floor in these pictures!

The camera doesn't seem to have the same problem with blocks without text fabric in them.

This one has just been finished and needs a press, but it felt mean to leave it out!

I've already blogged about three of the pairs of socks I've finished off this month (pair one, pair two, pair three) and here's the fourth pair:

These are the first socks I've ever knitted with indie-dyed yarn and also the first pair of merino/nylon socks I've ever knitted and they are very, very soft and the yarn is wonderful to work with. The yarn is called 'Mulled Wine' and is from (and dyed by) Made By Penguins and was one of four hanks I bought in a 'lucky dip' offer - I'm beginning to wish I'd got two sets!  This is item 16 from my Q3 FAL list and I'll be linking up with the finishes party when the time comes.

****** I've just noticed that the offer is still on!!!  Lucky Dip 100g merino/nylon  Lucky Dip 20g merino/nylon ******  (Tempting, verrrrrry tempting!)

The second pair of 'lucky dip' socks (these will all be Mam's Christmas present so I can't sit on my laurels for too long!) are coming on a treat, aided greatly by a *(thankfully rare) night of very sleep and then a trip to the car dealership to have a safety recall sorted.  This yarn is called 'Solar' (and was dyed using sunshine!. Yes, in the UK!!):

Sock one (I graft the toes when both are finished) - I love the difference between how the leg has knitted up and how the foot has and is fascinating to knit!  (There's a four-stitch difference between the two and I think that accounts for it.)

Sock two is coming along nicely.

Some of you might be wondering why the ball is on a big knitting needle.  Well, thanks to TECHknitter, I discovered that my yarn was twisting not because I was knitting in the round (which is what I thought was causing it and I was, quite frankly, getting sick of having to dangle my knitting to get the yarn to untwist itself) but because unspooling (whether from the outside or inside of 'caked' yarn (i.e. wound on a ball winder) imparts twist in the yarn, a little like a telephone cable, which then kinks up on itself. The solution?  Pull the yarn from the outside of the ball, but allow the ball to rotate rather than pulling it from above as I had been doing.  I tried a few things from around the house to solve the problem, but none allowed the ball to rotate smoothly and be practical for settee knitting until I tried the knitting needle.  I put it through the ball and then tuck the point end under my right thigh and the ball rotates as the yarn is pulled.  Is it perfect?  No.  Sometimes the ball doesn't rotate, but I'm quickly perfecting the art of pulling so that the ball is more likely to rotate.  Does it solve my twisted tangled yarn problem?  Yes.  And I'll be continuing to do it.  Thank goodness for Mini Archie liking the look of these hefty sticks (000, I think) in a studio sale and pleading for me to buy them! I wouldn't like to knit with them, mind, it'd be like knitting with broom shanks!

I think the reason I didn't feel as though I'd done much is because I haven't been in my sewing room or used my sewing machine, but it's amazing how much can be done while sitting on the settee watching Suits and Law&Order!

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We've had a visitor this month and Mini Archie was quick to recruit her to the pirate watching duty rota:

I finks these big eyes of Penny's will be verrrrrrrrrry good at spotting Pirates. How long did you say she was staying? 

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  1. Love your socks & blocks!!! What a lovely guest and such big eyes.

    1. Thank you! Yes, she's a gorgeous girl and very, very gentle!

  2. You did indeed manage a lot from your sofa! Clever re the yarn unspooling, if that's even a term. Your guest is very beautiful!

  3. Penny is gorgeous as are your socks 😁

  4. I have knitted socks, but was disappointed that they didn't fit correctly. You must have found the secret! They look great. Love the doxie, too.

  5. Those yarns are 'maxime fabulosum'! and I shall keep your extra special fat needle trick in mind when I return to my knitting, as I have the same issue and it sends me three fries short of a happy meal wacko! Penny is gorgeous too. Ohai to Mini Archie and his chums! xx *tiny feltie huggles*


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