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FAL Finish: Socks

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It's always nice to be able to record a finish nearer to the start of the quarter than the end, isn't it? This time I have three and I'm going to blog about them separately so they're ready to link up with the FAL finishes party when the time comes.

My first finish is this pair of socks, which, at the start of the quarter, just needed the toe grafting and the ends darning in.  That's now done and I can proudly present my first Q3 finish!

These are item 13 on my Q3 2019 FAL list.

My phone camera hates these socks and refuses to take a completely in-focus of them, no matter how many times I ask it...

Mini Archie was on paw to help free the knitting needles:

Thanks for popping in!


  1. I do love all your sock entries, they are really pretty. I want to learn to knit and wear my own socks! I've never taught myself to knit, only crochet. A gal on Instagram gave me instructions on how to crochet a pair of socks, but sadly I didn't get it at all.

  2. These are so pretty. Long long ago, I knit one sock... and it didn't fit me. :-P Maybe someday I'll get back to knitting. I'm so inspired by everyone's beautiful projects. Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2019 global FAL hosts.


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