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FAL Finish: Yet More Socks!

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These pair of socks are my third Q3 FAL finish and are item 15 on my Q3 2019 FAL list - I will be linking up to the FAL finishes party when the time comes.  These needed the most work of the three pairs as, at the start of the quarter, I was halfway down the leg on one and at the start of the heel flap on the other.  I love those purple, lime, blue, and pink stripes!

Here they are together, ready for Mam's sock drawer this winter!

Mini Archie announced to the world when all the socks were finished:

Thanks for popping in!


  1. You are on a roll, love these colourful socks.
    And MA, you are so clever at teacayking, you have very good balance.👏

  2. Beautiful socks!!! Well done. Good thing MA likes to collect the sticks for you, won't lose any that way.

    1. Exactly - no stick dares to slip down the side of the settee when he's snoopervising!


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