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Summersville Saturday: Blocks 29 - 32

When I started this project in 2012, it was with the intention of it being a long-term project.  One for 'sitting on the settee and watching telly with no prep required' sewing, but now I've embroidered all the blocks (although I'm behind with blogging about them), I really miss it and am going to have to start thinking about and preparing another long-term hand stitching project to replace it.  I'm slowly catching up with blogging about the squares in this series of weekly posts - I do hope you're not sick to the back teeth of them!

You can find the other posts in the series here: blocks 1 - 4blocks 5 - 8blocks 9 - 12blocks 13 - 16blocks 17 - 20blocks 21- 24; blocks 25 - 28.

The squares currently measure 7" square, but will be trimmed to 6.5" square before they're pieced into the quilt top.  I did this so that any ragged edges/fraying could be removed, rather than being in the seam allowance.  As last week's post, all the blocks this week have been embroidered with back stitch which, along with split stitch, seems to work best on these small houses.

When starting block 29, I chose two shades of three colours and embroidered one house in each of those threads (two strands).  I chose two shades of brown and two shades of green for the trees and used one set for the conifers and the other for the deciduous trees.
Block 29

All the houses in block 30 are in a conservation zone (with its own (small) ancient woodland) and so have to use approved colours for their external paint - the owners clubbed together a bought a job lot of three colours so that costs were reduced and so their houses are identical.
Block 30

The owners of the houses in block 31 know the owners of the houses in block 30 and thought their 'all in it together' approach to external paint was a good one, so they copied (albeit with brighter paint).  They've also managed to get protection orders for their trees:
Block 31

The owner of the house in block 32 liked the colours of the houses in block 31, but couldn't find the exact colours they used.  Nor could she afford enough paint to do the whole house, so she just did the roof:

Block 32

Here's all this week's blocks together:
Blocks 29 - 32

It's been a week of intermittent sun and Archie was reunited with his favourite wall during one of the longer sunny spells:
I've missed you, Wall.

And on an evening he's been on high alert in case food is going begging:
Did I hear the rustle of a packet of biscuits being opened?  Next door but two, I think you'll find...

Thanks for popping in!


  1. Awww bless Archie, i just love your summersville blocks xx

  2. Awww bless Archie, i just love your summersville blocks xx

  3. Your work is beautiful and I love the "stories", sounds like a nice neighborhood with wonderful neighbors.

    Oh Archie, you are so handsome, blue is your color and that blankie sure looks toasty.


  4. You have so many of these blocks and each one is lovely and different. And Archie is so cute under the pink rug.

  5. You already know that I love these blocks, but I really love the stories behind the neighbourhoods. Any neighbours trying to out do each other in the next instalment? Ha! I love that your stitching is so exact and tidy on the reverse. Wonder what project you'll decide to take up next as your relax and sew wip. Keep us posted!

  6. I love the stories with each block. Archie looks so pleased the sun is warming his wall. Big cuddle for him!

  7. No, I'm afraid you'll have to work a lot harder than that to bore me... Like everyone else, I love your stories, and the narrative that goes along with each piece.
    That Archie really does have good colour sense and innate style. Who knew that pale blue and magenta would suit a dog, but then, he IS a natural blond...

  8. You've done a beautiful job of customizing your neighborhood! The stories never fail to make me smile. I'm working on Life is Beautiful for my long-term hand stitching project. I found it at hugsnkisses dot net. I started out doing one-color back stitch in a few of the 32 blocks but now I'm customizing as I choose. Each block is about 7" so it's quite portable. They're supposed to end up as alternate blocks in a quilt but I may customize that as well. Happy hunting! Mtlakequilter at gmail dot com

  9. Yet more pretty blocks, I like how you have managed to individualise each block. Archie is looking very good, I like finding the sun as well, also likewise, biscuits!!!!

  10. Your stitching is scarily accurate! Jxo

  11. You do make me smile!
    It seems Council Approval for home improvements is a lot easier to get over there, than here. . . and your neighbourly relations so much more gentlemanly.
    We have 2 protected trees on our block and I need Council Approval for 10% only, to be trimmed, and can only apply each 12 months. . . with an inspection required and proper Abourists to do the works . . My neighbour hacks of great wads of them with a chainsaw when she thinks we aren't home. :(
    I think I should come and live in your neat and respectable Summersville. Its so pretty and genial there.

  12. Your stitching is beautiful and I enjoyed hearing how all those Summersville residents chose their paint :)

  13. Your stitching is beautiful and I enjoyed hearing how all those Summersville residents chose their paint :)

  14. Love the stories that go with the house and trees


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