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FAL Finish: Iced Hat III

Finish A Long 2016

One of the items on my Q1 2016 FAL list was another Iced Hat for Mam and at the start of the quarter, it looked like this:

Iced Hat III

In December, I made two of these as Christmas presents (one for Mam (right), one for my sister-in-law (left)) and they were well received (but not well blogged, oops!), but Mam decided she'd like her next one to have a longer brim so that the lazy wind couldn't get up the gap between her ear lobes and the hat!
After blocking

I knew I'd have plenty of yarn as I had plenty left when knitting these two hats and, although I used different yarn this time, I had about the same yardage and only needed to add an extra twenty-two rounds of rib.

I'm afraid there's a staggering lack of in-progress photos for this project as it knitted up within a week and not once did I have my camera near me when I was knitting!  Even losing my cable needle didn't slow me down as I had a spare.  (I lost the cable needle before I started using it - it wasn't in the bag with all the other needles I needed for this project and neither was it in my needle roll where it usually lives.  Unusually, buying a new one didn't bring the old one dancing through the door so I'm blaming The Borrowers...)

So, without further ado, here's the third Iced Hat, with added brim:

Iced Hat III

We've had a bit of sunshine this week and Archie and I grabbed the opportunity and went into the garden for a bit:

Hang on a moment, I'll do my best knitting pattern pose.
There, that was worth waiting for, wasn't it?  This is my 'gazing wistfully into the distance' pose - it's quite sought after, I can assure you.

Thanks for popping in!

P.S.  If you're making/have made a quilt for Siblings Together this year then please take a photo of the finished quilt and link it up to their linky party for 2016 before sending it to the charity's headquarters (and then put your linky number on the parcel so the charity can help Nicky and Maria keep track of which quilts have arrived).  The target is for 100 quilts for this year's camps, please help if you can!  The blog is full of ideas and information about the quilt drive.  If that doesn't inspire you, then Sarah has blogged a series of scrap box block tutorials which would be perfect for a Siblings Together quilt.  Why not organise a sewing day with a few friends (and some cake, naturally) and make a group quilt for donation?  Or see if your local quilt shop/quilt group would be able to help?
Siblings Together Quilt Linky Party


  1. Ooooh those look so snug and cosy! It's been so cold here recently, but at long last lovely blue skies! Jxo

  2. Nice hat - -12 here today, so would have been perfect 😊
    Archie is, as always, very handsome. That pose must be worth a biscuit?

  3. How long did it take you to get that photo ? Longer than it took to knit your Mam's hat? Thanks for the shout out! xxx

  4. Oooh, you've got to love a bit of fancy cabling. Despite Ma being a demon knitter (I'm talking 200 miles an hour doing an Arran jumper while watching the TV and not her needles, and not visibly counting or following a pattern...) I never learned to knit. Just as well I live in a hot climate where a nice chunky woolly hat is not required... I'll just console myself with being a better sewer and embroiderer than she was (except for Hardanger, where she ruled and I, well...don't).

  5. Love those hats - they must have been fun to knit. I can fully empathise with your Mam about the wind - it gives me terrible earache.

  6. I so wish I could knit! Lovely! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts...hehehe! Those hosts are some lovely people!!


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