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FAL Finish: Pouch For Sewing Machine Bits And Bobs

Before I start, I want to say thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post - I really appreciate them. I'm sorry I haven't replied to most of them yet, I've just been too tired to do much other than sleep or sit on the settee and watch easy telly, but I will reply at some point this week.

Finish-A-Long 2016

When I was writing my current FAL list, I realised I'd never got round to making a small pouch for all my sewing machine bits and bobs - machine oil, screwdrivers, extra feet, etc.  I decided to use the fabric which was leftover from making my trug and some other things which have yet to be blogged about (they're making their début later in this post!).  I didn't have much of this fabric left but I knew I'd be able to get a small Lola pouch out of them with little difficulty.

Lola pouch for me

When it came to it, I decided to make the large version as it meant I could fit in my walking foot box and it would be much handier to have everything in one place.  I didn't have enough fabric to make an un-pieced pouch, so I decided to make an un-pieced and pieced side, for both the lining and the outside.  I also decided to see if I could work out a way to include the two pandas which were on the outer fabric but when I took this photo, I hadn't quite decided how to do it:

Eking out the outer fabric

As I was using an orange zip, I decided to introduce a bit of orange to both the binding (no photo) and the lining, to tie the colours together.  You may wonder why I didn't use a pink zip, to go with the background of the pandas and the answer's simple: I didn't have one!
Eking out the lining fabric

I decided to add the pandas as little 'tabs' either side of the accent strip on one side of the pouch and was going to leave them free on three sides but I didn't like how they laid on the pouch, so they got stitched down while I was quilting.  Here are the two outer pieces ready for quilting - you can just see the two lines marked with a hera marker on the unpieced side.  What you can't see is that I had to sew pieces of fusible wadding together as I didn't have enough of that, either!  You'll also notice that I've labelled the bottom of the pieced side: if I'd accidentally turned up upside down then one of those pandas would have been on the base of the pouch, not the look I was going for!

Outer pieces

I quilted (in bright pink) down the edge of the turquoise strip (three lines each side, about 1/16" apart) and then in turquoise and bright pink on the other side; I thought it would be too plain without something and then I remembered the pouch Susan made and, er, copied!  The width of the quilting is the same as the width of the contrast strip on the other side (and on the lining) but I deliberately made it so that they wouldn't line up when viewed from above, just in case I didn't get them lined up exactly!

Black/turquoise pouch

I stitched down the binding using two lines (one pink, one orange) of a fairly large running stitch in perle 12, rather than my usual (invisible) appliqué stitch and rather like the result.

Black/turquoise pouch - the other side

My aim this quarter was to blog about finishes as they happened, rather than playing catch-up at the end of the quarter.  I haven't quite managed that yet as I finished this pouch in the middle of January, and I have another couple of small finishes to share, too.  They'll have to wait their turn, though!  Must try harder.

As well as linking up at the end of the quarter, I'm also linking up with Scraptastic Tuesday, as the pouch was made with fabric and wadding scraps.

Scraptastic Tuesday

I mentioned that this pouch was made with the leftovers from some other projects, but that I'd only blogged about the trug.  This is everything I've made so far, isn't it surprising how far a yard of main fabric and a metre of lining fabric will go?!  I don't usually go for matchy-matchy, but I think I like how this all co-ordinates.

It's surprising...

So far, I've made a trug, a large pouch, a needle book (for my machine needles), a pouch for my rotary cutter and a holder for my large fabric scissors.  I still have these bits left, I wonder what I can cobble together out of this?!!

Remaining scraps

It was Archie's birthday last week and so, for a treat, he got two pieces of his hedgehog treat instead of one:
Ohhh, two pieces!  What's the betting that it's really one piece cut in two to make it look like more?!
Can I eat them yet?  Any chance I'm also allowed to eat the head?  No, not yet.

Thanks for popping in!


  1. ♫ Happy Birthday dear Archie, Happy Birthday to you ♫ Hope you had a doggone great b-day, sweet boy.

    All of Us

  2. What a great collection of makes for all your machine bits and pieces. I especially like the needle book - could I ask where you found the tutorial for this - I am constantly rummaging in the box of machine needles but the book would be such a better option. Happy birthday to Archie!

  3. Fantastic set - that needle book is genius. (Happy Birthday Archie too x)

  4. Fantastic set - that needle book is genius. (Happy Birthday Archie too x)

  5. The details in your lola pouch are lovely, especially the pandas!! Great idea too making a pouch for keeping needles altogether! Jxo

  6. Your sewing set is really beautiful! Archie just makes me smile! What a sweet face!

    1. Thank you! I'm planning a tutorial for the needle book at some point this year, so keep your eyes peeled!

  7. that machine needle book is blimmin genius! Did you make it up or is it from a pattern?

  8. Happy Birthday lovely Archie! (with a "woof" from Rufus!)

  9. Happy Birthday dear Archie! Your new pouch is beautiful and all the set looks great! Don't worry about the answering - we do that when we can. x Teje

  10. Archie always makes me smile. Loving your matching set, I also have a needle book for machine needles but not as pretty as yours.
    No reply to last post needed.xx

  11. Well at least everyone will know they are yours! Great scrappy makes Helen - looks like you are getting organised for a retreat? Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday

  12. Ooo no reply needed my dear for last blog post.
    Hope you've been able to do some sewing.
    . . . .saw that great thingy-thing on flickr . . .you know . . the thingy that holds your machine needles! Excellent idea and one that has to be copied . . .enquired about, I mean!

  13. Wow, I missed this when you first shared it, what a great collection of sewing accessories! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts.

  14. I love sewing gadgets and pouches and your set is beautiful. I particularly like how you finished the edge of your pouch with pretty stitches and is that piping inside?
    what great details. Thanks for sharing. PS: happy birthday Archie, you are a loveable pooch!


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