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There once was an ugly hexy...

Click here if you want to sing along! *

There once was an ugly hexy

I'm so ugly!

Who resembled a nuclear sign
And the other hexies in so many words said
Pshaw!**  Get out of our box!
Pshaw!  Get out!
Pshaw, pshaw! Get out!
Pshaw, pshaw! You don't belong here.

And she went with a sigh and a whimper and a sigh
In a flurry of dangling threads.

That poor little ugly hexy
Went wandering round the sewing room
But at every shelf she was met with disdain
No, you can't be in our quilt
No, you can't!
Oh no, you can't!
Oh no, you can't join us.

And she went with a sigh and a whimper and a sigh
And a very despondent air.

All through Easter weekend she hid herself away (yes, it's taken me that long to get round to publishing this post!)
Thinking of how to change, unpicking and re-stitching her seams.
All through the weekend in her lonely sewing box
'Til a tessellation of hexies spied her there and very soon agreed
You're a very fine hexy indeed!

A tessellation of (pretty!) hexies

Fine?  Me, fine?  Ah, go on!
And they said 'Yes, you're fine'
Take a look at yourself on the screen and you'll see
And she looked and she saw and she said
I'm a fine hexy...wheeee!

I'm so pretty I'm in danger of getting above myself!

I'm not such an ugly hexy
No resemblance to a nuclear sign
For in fact those hexies in so many words said
Hurray!  You are transformed!
Hurray!  Transformed!
Hip hurray!  Transformed!
Hip hurray!  Please be in our quilt!

Not a sigh, not a sigh, not a whimper or a sigh
But a proud walk around displaying her charm
A very fine hexy indeed.

Say who's an ugly hexy?
Not I!
Not I!

* When I was first sorting out the words for this I was singing along to check the words fit and realised that I could hear the same song but slightly further on...turns out this ad was on telly!

** I don't think I've ever heard anyone say this but I think it's a great word!

A bevy of beauties!

And just so they don't get jealous I've taken some close-ups of the other hexies in the group shot - I'll publish that post in the next day or so as including them here will make for a very long post, even by my standards!!!  Some of them weren't happy because I dragged them out in the equivalent of their curlers (they hadn't been starched or pressed!) but I'm sure they'll forgive me!  Please don't think I've whipped these up since I posted the photos of the halfway point - I've been stitching these for weeks, it just takes me quite a while to remember to take photos/blog about them...

As you probably know Archie loves lying in the sun (and he's had plenty of opportunity this week!) but he's not always happy to have his photo taken...

Can't a dog get any peace round here?

I want to be alone...

That's it, I'm off!

And so am I!  It's teatime and then I have to bake a couple of dozen cakes to take to class tomorrow.  I hope it cools down soon or I won't need to be in the oven to be baked!


  1. Yep, I think she has definitely turned into a swan! Hugs xx

  2. A swan indeed! I love moody Archie ;-)

  3. are you doing your hexies by hand or machine? they sure look great I think.

  4. You are off your rocker missus x (very pretty hexieswan)

  5. I want to hear Danny Kaye sing your song!

    Lovely transformation.

  6. mmmmmm cakes!

    How do you make your hexies? I presume you must have a contraption of some sort rather than cutting them all out by hand (which would presumably be a bit hit and miss with their sizes)?

    I think this hexie will be the slightly non-star-shaped star of the quilt! .... I don#t like to talk about swans because one once chased me for miles along the river!

  7. Very clever! I quite liked the nuclear hexie, but it's definitely a pretty swan now!

  8. A graceful hexie indeed. Di x

  9. Mad!!
    Conservatory is looking sparkling!

  10. Wow you're crazy! What a great song and a beautiful transformation! =D

    I'm hosting a new swap over at my blog if anyone is interested please pop over for a look =D

  11. Oooo that's lovely now, and the transformation was beautifully recounted :)

  12. LOL! I don't know if you're a literary genius or a complete nutter!! Won't call the men in white coats just yet! Love the transformed hexie, much improved. Poppy is melting in this heat, being black there's no escape! Jxo

  13. such a beautiful transformation - definately the ugly duckling story though I'm not sure she was that ugly - loving the sunshine - wish you could send some my way :)

  14. Friday morning . . and a blog from Archie . . my weekend is made! Clever ditty Helen. Cleaner than Omo, windows, Helen. . . and soft pretty hexies . . I never thought the yellow gingham was ugly. Enjoy the sun!

  15. She is a very pretty hexie indeed! I was feeling so sad reading at the beginning about her not being accepted by the others, but am so glad there was a happy ending!!

  16. Your hexies are all lovely, even this one, especially now!

  17. It's good to know I'm not the only one hearing my fabric speak to me! " Will I ever make it off the shelf ?" Your hexis look so pretty! Archie is cute both happy and disgruntled. He just can't help himself he is so sweet!

  18. lol, you dag ;) (she said affectionately)

    The audi ad has certainly made that an easy song to know. I picked it up on your first line.

    Poor misunderstood radioactive sign.

    I do like your new one though. But still... :)

  19. The Hexie turned out beautifully! Definitely worthy of a song ;-)

  20. ROFL, I was totally singing along! Glad she turned out okay, and hope the cakes were baked okay, I was feeling distinctly baked by bedtime last night...

  21. I love a good story with a happy ending!

  22. A very fine hexie now! This quilt is going to look lovely.

    I think archie has his nose put out of joint with them being admired more than he is!
    He is fine without adjustments though!

  23. your blog posts are always amazing! Love lil hexie, cute as! x

  24. These hexies look great! How many are you doing? I just finished two more which I will be posting soon.

  25. Lol. What a splendid song! And some very fine hexies to go with it. All beautiful I might add. Now, I'm wondering if Archie is a little offended because he wasn't in the song? So, come on Helen, one for Archie in the style of Greta Garbo please. :)) Xxx

  26. Ha ha! Love this post. It's a very fine hexie indeed!


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