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Fugly friends together

Charm About You

I'm just popping in to quickly post about the Fugly Fabric Party that's going on over at Lucy's blog Charm About You.  This time I've had quite a time coaxing my remaining fuglies out of the drawer (I thought I'd got rid of them all last time passed them onto a new home after the last fugly party but these two were cowering at the back of the drawer, half hidden in the shadows...not surprising, really!) and they've only agreed to come out and show themselves on the condition that they can hold hands and that nobody laughs.  So, if you laugh can you do it silently or into your hankie?  Thank you!

Now, are you all prepared?  Get your hankies ready...

Yup, they sure are fugly!!

Now, in my defence the orange one (which is a FQ) was a bran tub 'prize' and the floral (which is a half metre of fugliness) was bought on-line and looked much better in the thumbnail!  I bought it when I was collecting fabrics for my hexies and I'd hoped it would be suitable for fussy cutting, either for whole hexies or for the centres of pieced hexies.  And it was ridiculously cheap - £3 a metre...and now I know why!!

Both fabrics would be great on the inside of cushions and I think the orange in particular would benefit from some cutting - I think small pieces of it would be great in a scrap quilt.  Just not my scrap quilt!

Now, although they're shy, I'm confident that if they know they're going to a good home and are guaranteed a nice welcome they can be persuaded into separate envelopes but they will also be happy to be placed together.  If you're interested please leave me a comment - I'll post anywhere in the world (oh, 'Fuglies Take Flight', what a great idea for a cartoon strip!  No?  Just me then!) so no need to be worried that you live outside of the UK and are going to miss out, these fuglies can (and will!) travel.

Edited to add:  The orange fugly has been lovingly claimed by Liz!  And the floral fugly has been adopted by Joyce!  The ATWD Fugly Fabric Party has ended - short but sweet!!

I'm still busy with my Stained quilt and cleaning.  Actually, that's a lie.  I've almost finished the cleaning and just have to spend about another half hour on it and it will be done.  (Until the next time!)  In fact, I'm sitting in my wonderfully clean conservatory at the moment, enjoying the peace and quiet (but not enjoying the way I can see my own reflection in the laptop screen - most off-putting!) and admiring my garden (and the goldfinches) through my newly polished windows.  Pleased with myself?  Well, maybe a tiny bit but I think it's deserved!

It's also a lie that I'm busy with the Stained quilt.  I had a really good run and pieced all the blocks but now I've run out of steam (I blame the cleaning) - I'm flogged at the moment so I'm at a little bit of a standstill.  I'm hoping to get the sashing strips cut this evening and attached tomorrow.  I've already sorted the block arrangement so once the sashing is on I should could may have a complete top in no time!  And when I do I'll be back for a ta-da post!

In the meantime you'll have to make do with a photo of four blocks that I uploaded to Flickr to prove I was actually joining in the Stained QAL and not just looking at my fabric!!

Find me on Flickr if you fancy a closer look...

The observant amongst you will notice that the blocks aren't identical when it comes to how one section is orientated - it wasn't exactly deliberate but neither was it entirely accidental.  That is, I didn't set out to rotate the section but neither did I particularly take care to ensure they were all the same - I quite like the way they're almost the same but not quite!  (And if you haven't spotted the glitch just ignore the last couple of sentences!)

I'll leave you with a photo of Archie to keep you going whilst I go and chain myself to the cutting board/sewing machine...

Here he is attempting a dog version of 'The Thinker' by Rodin

Should I go to the bother asking for a biscuit or stay here and enjoy the sun?

Don't forget to consider giving the fuglies a lovely new home (please, someone, anyone, take them!!) and once you've left me a comment telling me how much you'd love one (or both) of the fuglies why don't you pop over to the party and see who else you can take home with you?

P.S.  Thanks for all the lovely comments about the 101 hexies - you're all so nice!

Edited to add:  I knew I'd forgotten something important!  I'm going with a 'first dibs' basis for the fuglies...


  1. If you are looking to part with on of those fuglies, I would glady take the orange one!!!

  2. I would love to have the other one. I think it is very pretty. Thanks.

  3. great to get my archie fix: he looks very happy in the sun. your stained blocks are looking fab

  4. Oh shoot just typical I am always late to the party!! I quite liked the floral one.... I LOVE your stained glass blocks, they are really pretty. Hugs to you and Archie. xx

  5. Phew, now I can comment without being fuglied... :oD

    Loving the look of the Stained blocks - I might have had a rotated section or two myself ;o)

  6. Stained blocks look great :-) Glad the cleaning is almost done!! Sooner the better eh.

  7. Fuglies gone, blocks looking good as is Archies Thinker impersonation! Does he mind you sitting in his conservatoy?

  8. I think Archie was shielding he eyes from those fuglies!

  9. Wow what gorgeous fabrics for your stained quilt! =D

  10. Thank you for linking up to the party!! Your Fuglies certainly did take flight fast :)
    Funnily I have some of that floral one, I agree it looked much nicer online and I got it very cheap too!! I am thinking it would make a cute dress for my little one though, in a vintage way!!
    I adore the fabrics you've chosen for your Stained, very clever because it really looks like glass!
    I'm envious of your clean house!!

  11. Love your stained quilt.... Did u see britains got talent tonight

  12. I am so very pleased somebody loves that appalling takes all types I suppose :)
    No dirt, no fuglies...there must be excellent karma in your home today!

  13. That's the cutest pic of Archie yet! Loving your stained blocks, and I didn't think the floral fugly was too bad at all! Maybe it's worse in real life! Take it easy chick! Jxo

  14. Safe to comment now the fuglies are gone - lol.
    Loving the Stained, like the larger scaled fabrics being showcased, very artistic.

  15. yay! i'm glad you got rid of your fuglies. i'm especially glad to be reminded of the fugly party. i've got to go sort through my stash to get rid of some. thanks!

  16. Great stained glass blocks. Hope you get the energy back to enjoy it again soon so we can see you put them together.

    I'm impressed with all that cleaning. I'm getting cleaners in to do most of mine. Yes, I AM that lazy :)

  17. Your stained glass blocks are beautiful. Those fabrics look almost luminous :)

  18. your fabrics in the stained quilt look fabulous and archie looks like he's enjoying that sunny spot :)

  19. I enjoyed looking at your projects and Archie! I love how he looks against that beautiful blue wall.


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