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I'm not going to FQR so...

...I'm going to show off some hexies and some very cute photos of Archie!

In my last post you saw the large group photo of 'new' hexies which have been made over the last few weeks couple of months - here are their close-ups (curlers and all!  Actually, the curlers are hard to spot in these photos, you'll have to look carefully!)

The top right one looks much better in real life!

And so does the one on the top left!

Not sure about bottom left but I think hope it'll be ok...

The dotty one makes me smile!

Are you bored yet?!  Nearly done...

Last one - well done for making it this far!

Stained is at a standstill at the moment for two reasons.  The first one will come as no surprise...I'm worn out (again!) and the second is that I'm busy prepping more hexies (and have five more to do).  Each one takes about thirty minutes to prep so after doing three or four I don't have enough energy (or time!) to do any machine sewing.  I've also decided to go down the QAYG route so I've got to make 24 backs out of the fabric left over from the front (which, in turn, was leftover from the monster so, as you can imagine, I'm scraping the barrel!).  I'm going to see if I can get some more done this weekend, when lots of you will be in London taking classes with wonderful teachers and classmates and generally having a whale of a time.  Archie and I will have one eye on the Jubilee coverage on telly (and/or The King's Speech - I've been saving it!), one eye on twitter looking for Fat Quarterly Retreat tweets (I've just joined and am slowly getting the hang of it - I'm @Archiewonderdog if you're interested), one eye on the sewing and one eye on the biscuits...

In honour of the Diamond Jubilee (not really, I just liked the tin!) I've changed my hexy tin to a more suitable one (a dose of idle-itis means I've just got round to cutting a piece of wadding to size for the bottom - I've had it a few weeks!)

New hexy tin with some freshly prepped hexies and my new thread catcher

And I've even got round to making a proper thread catcher to replace the 2" square of wadding I've had in there since August.  (It took fifteen minutes one afternoon and I have no idea why it's taken me so long to get round to it, I blame the idle-itis!).  I used some of the 'A Walk In The Woods' that the very talented Aneela Hoey sent last November - I love this fabric!  I've only shown the front as the back is just a piece of wadding covered in threads...not particularly interesting or appealing but I can't tell you how much better it is than a scrap of wadding!

 A RRH thread catcher with a guest role for foxy!

It's been raining most of the day today (yeah - no sun cream required!) but when it's sunny (and warm - the two don't necessarily go together up here!) my neighbours tend to cook their tea on the barbecue and eat outside...and guess who likes to watch?!

I know they're cooking...I can smell it...and I can see plates on the table!
I think it's sausages tonight...

What?!  They don't mind...
I just have to be patient...I can do that...
But I'll poke my nose through the gap, 
just in case they haven't noticed me...
Did she just shout "Do you want your tea?!"  I think she did - best go and check!

He didn't get anything that night but he did two days later.  They're very kind to him and if he's out when they finish (he has to come in if he barks or whines at's the rule.  He's not happy about it but...) they always save a piece for him.  In fact they have been known to cook a piece of chicken especially for him, no wonder he wants to be out there every (sunny) teatime!!  Yesterday someone was barbecuing at dinnertime and he dashed out only to find it wasn't them - the look on his face was priceless but I didn't have the camera!  I think he would quite like a dog flap putting in the fence...

I may not be going to the Fat Quarterly Retreat but I have had some wonderful post over the last few weeks so I'll be posting soon(ish) about the lovely things that have dropped through my letterbox - I think quilters (or at least those that blog!) are the kindest people in the world and I have the proof!

If you're going to London this weekend have a fabulous time and say hello to each other for me...and if you see any crumbs on the floor (or need your sewing covering in white hair!) think about how useful Archie would be!  If you're not going to London I hope you still have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Wow Helen ! Those hexies keep getting better and better! I ove them all not the least bit bored in fact want to look at them again!

    Poor Archie! The starving dog that he is! Reminds me of poor little Emily - she used to purr all the way up to her food bowl but the look on her face if empty was total betrayal!

  2. The Archie photo story cracked me up. He's so expressive!

    The hexies are looking great. For them do you use a template for the stitching line or for the cutting line?

    I'm not going to the retreat either. Instead this weekend I will be packing. But if I'm good, I may have some time off to sew as a reward. Enjoy your long weekend. Have a lazy one for me

  3. Oh my fav is 2nd photo, bottom right corner! They all look great! Archie is adorable! How nice to hear the neighbors cook for him!

  4. love Archie as always. The hexies are great - so much work goes into them I know. Love your posts!

  5. Those hexies are amazing - as always. And what a fabulous photo op with Archie. Love him.

  6. The spotty hexies are my absolute fav, especially the green and purple spotty star of david type one. I'm actually leaving London tomorrow, so I'm a bit jealous too! Hopefully the weather will stay nice for you so that Archie can snaffle more food.

  7. Your hexies are so brilliant, I adore them all :)

  8. Ok, I have to ask, Are you making these hexies up as you go along? (AWe of your creativity) or are you following a design sheet to get them? (awe of whoever's creativity)?
    Anyway they are lovely, amazing and gorgeous.
    So is Archie. And he deserves those scraps!

  9. those hexies are fabulous! Love how Archie sits there waiting for something to eat. My mum had a border collie and her neighbours had a rabbit that ran around in their garden: she just used to sit there and drool over the rabbit she was never going to get!

  10. Your hexies are looking amazing!!

    Will miss you this weekend xxx

  11. FQing heck! more hexies! lol .... wy are you curling your hexagons, are you aiming to wear them in your hair? Definitely a good idea to keep fabric in empty biscuit tins, mainly because that means you have to empty the biscuits from the tin first! I bet Archie would be a good help with that ... so would I for that matter!

    Every BBQ should have a piece of chicken on it for the dog next door! It should be a law. In fact vote for me and i'll make it happen!

    Enjoy your weekend :)

  12. Loving the hexies - such great patterns you're piecing. Archie just steals the show every time though. No forgetting who's blog this really is ;-) I'm not at the retreat either. It's been fun reading a non retreat centric post :-)

  13. Yay way to go Archie, love the pics. We use to have to shut Sam in when people in the Gite had a BBQ.... he use to run around to the field and the only thing separating him from them was the chain link fencing!!! Loving your hexies you are going to have one beautiful quilt. Hugs

  14. Ahhh! Your hexies are so lovely!! And Archie is his own charming self, as always!

  15. I'm not going either!

    Such great hexies I love the one with the fairy prints so cute!
    Great new thread catcher.
    Hahahaha Archie is like the Younger Giant..he too will sit and wait to see if you'll offer him food you can't quite finish =D

  16. AMAZING hexies H! Truly stunning! So wish you were joining us! But we'll no doubt bore you senseless with pics and blog chatter afterwards! Jxo

  17. I'm really liking the hexagons that look like they are interlocked : )

  18. Archie, you had me laughing out loud! Not a good thing as it's 4am and my other half is trying to sleep.

  19. Wonderful hexies, they are just so pretty.

  20. Lovely hexies and thread catcher.

  21. Oh, I do love your hexies! Gorgeous!
    And so is Archie of course! Utter concentration! Give him a hug (and a biscuit :-) )

  22. Oh my gosh,those hexies are amaizing ,What size are they..I mean well I make hexies but wow not like these.
    Archie is a beaut,Lilly would love to play with xx

  23. Hello Helen :) Your hexies are so delicious!! You have some great designs done with them.
    Poor Archie ;( I hope he has better luck next time.
    Still in Spain but have been enjoying your blog posts that are coming into my emails when I get a chance to read them. Ellyx

  24. love your hexys and love the rrh thread catcher - great idea ! and love that you've given me a new word - idle-itis - fabulous and I'll use it a lot :) and of course archie being gorgeous as usual :)

  25. Better late than never - I really enjoyed this post Helen. Your hexies are divine but I think Archie has stolen your thunder again - I am so glad your neighbours slip him a wee treat now and again, otherwise it would be too cruel.


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