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Fettle Those Finishes 2023: The List

The List (AKA Things Which Have Been Started)

Lou Box tops (2022) Status on 1/1/23: active Status on 1/6/23: dormant

The top two are here, the other two are in the post and will be here shortly

Low volume scrappy trip (2017) Status on 1/1/23: dormant

Summersville (2012) Status on 1/1/23: dormant 

Winterkist (2017) Status on 1/1/23: active Status on 1/6/23: dormant

Jeans (2018) Status on 1/1/23: dormant

Advent trees (2022) Status on 1/1/23: active Status on 30/6/23: finished! 

Socks for friends (2023) Status (on 31/1/23): active (and ongoing) Status on 28/2/23: finished! 
The two on the left are for a friend, the others are for me - my skeins will go in the sock lucky dip and will be knitted when their number comes up.

One for a different friend and one for me - my skein will go in the sock
lucky dip and will be knitted when their number comes up.

Two for a different different friend 

Socks for friends, part II: a late (added 2/4/23, status: active) arrival to the list, a pair for a different different different friend Status on 30/4/23: finished!

Socks for friends, part III: (added 22/5/23) a pair of socks for a friend and a pair for her husband 

Tiny jumpers for a couple of Luna Lapin chums - added 5/6/23

The Waiting List (In no particular order)


Socks - every time I finish a pair of socks, I ask Mr Random Number Generator to choose a number for me and I identify the corresponding ball/selection of balls in the sock lucky dip album and then locate it/them in The Cupboard Of Possibilities. This all the balls of sock yarn I have and I spent a few days at the start of 2021 creating scrappy sock bags from the balls of leftovers which is (partly) why I have so many socks in waiting.

Dishcloths from these cotton yarns a friend gave me Status on 31/5/23: finished!

Teddy kit (which came from the same friend as the cotton yarns) - I don’t usually knit small faffy things but this looks like fun and will be perfect for a little one. Status on 31/5/23: finished!


Pointy Points quilt

QAYG cushions from these LV scraps. I have the wadding scraps set aside so all I need is the time/energy/motivation.

Hot water bottle covers Same fabric as this one and definitely with a penguin a piece but with different binding (as I don’t have enough of the pink gingham) 

DPN cases Probably one for each size and labelled in some way so they’re obvious without opening them. Perhaps stamped numbers? Or little tags? No decision on fabric, but I think it’ll be lightly quilted and then made in the same way as the hot water bottle covers.

Door stops for the kitchen as the two I have are looking a little, um, worse for wear. I think I’ll make them with removable covers so they can be washed. 

Banjo and Blue A friend in Sydney sent me the pattern for these gorgeous koalas and then sent some ear fur with a mutual friend from Canberra who was coming over. That friend also gave me some fabric and I think they’ll make perfect koalas - I even have enough fur and fabric for both Banjo and Blue!

Drunkard’s Path quilt. Again. Yes, despite finishing this quilt once (with diagonal quilting) in 2014 and then again in 2019 after quilting in all the ditches with a heavier weight thread (in the hope of stabilising it enough so that the original quilting would stop snapping), it needs quilting again. I’ve been using it quite a bit in the last few weeks and I keep hearing threads snapping if I move/pick it up ‘wrong’ so I, going to have to unpick all the diagonal quilting and re do it. Unfortunately, I’ve somehow destashed the heavier weight thread I used (I no longer by that brand because I don’t trust it) so I’m going to see if I can find an alternative. 


These are all my dressmaking fabrics, most of which were bought with patterns in mind (some of those have changed). They’ve been measured and catalogued and are waiting for me to start work.


Bargello cushions 
Two or three cushions based on this bargello purse (not these colours or necessarily this pattern) using gorgeous blue velvet for the back (a gift from my friend Salley)


Fabric box labels
The fabric boxes need labels which don’t fall out (Dulux changed the size of their paint
charts between me getting the white boxes and the black ones) - I’m going to sew scraps to pieces of card.

Toglet theatre
This is going to be a Toglet Theatre/display unit for tiny knickknacks. 
It needs sanding (which has started), painting and a new backing board and fabric.

Woodland felt garland kit from Pretty Fabrics And Trims which a kind friend bought me to do while recovering from covid

Knitting cards Status on 31/1/23: Finished!

I have bought some index cards so I can keep track of sock knitting. The plan is that each person I knit socks for will have a card with their individual pattern details on the front and then the back will be a record of the socks I make for them. This will be an upgrade on the pieces of paper torn out from one notebook and stored in the back of another notebook method I’m currently using. Must think about where to keep them, perhaps a fancy envelope? Or a wee box? (Now you’re talking!) 

The current ‘system’

Clock - this little clock sits behind my sewing table and is a very handy wee thing when you just need to glance up to check the time. Unfortunately, after several years sitting on the sunny windowsill, the background is badly faded so I’m going to replace it. Not sure whether that will be paper or fabric but when I find the right thing/print, I’ll know. 

Tunnock’s art - I’ve been saving the wrappers from teacakes and caramel wafers and have a couple of canvases I’d like to create some pictures on. I’m not in the least bit artistic and can’t draw a straight line with a ruler, but would like to have a go at some simple collage with fussy cut details. Need to narrow down the options and choose a theme/topic. Mini Archie would quite like it to be Sticks I Have Luffed, which at least sounds straightforward.

Bag - I’ve tried to destash this bag numerous times but it just won’t leave the house! Every time I go to take it to the charity shop, something stops me (very probably the Oakshott it’s made from) so I’ve decided to see if I can rework it into a pouch.

Tea towel - I couldn’t resist this tea towel in the sale so I bought it for the fabric. Not sure exactly what I’ll make but the obvious thing seems to be a pouch or bag.

Pin pennantMini Archie has his own pin pennant and I need my own. I’m thinking about a mini quilt or banner or hoop rather than the traditional pennant shape.

This is mine pin pennant from mine luffly chum Lock.

2022 End of year report (Fettling score = 20)


  1. A very fine list! Looking forward to seeing what we all achieve in the first half of the year!

  2. An auspicious beginning! Seeing your list reminds me I used to do a lot of bargello before I started p&q.


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