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Mini Archie's January Furtle Around The Blogosphere

Archie The Wonder Dog

Furtle (v): to have a rummage or delve into the contents of something

Welcome to the first Furtle of 2023! Happy New Year! And yes you’re in the right place although it does look a little different. I saw Jennie’s blog’s new look and decided mine needed an update - it was the same as when I created it in 2011 and looking a little tired. Don’t worry, though, Archie is still here *points left* Please will you let me know if you spot anything odd in the layout/design so I can fix it? And if anyone knows how I can get a ‘newer post/older post’ footer, please speak up! Fixed it! Turns out it was there but the text was the same colour as the background so I couldn’t see it. 

I don’t know about you, but I’ve started the year with a few (small) finishes in the hope that I’m starting as I mean to go on. It’ll come as no surprise that of the three things I’ve finished this month, two of them are socks. I began by finishing the pair I started just before Christmas:
Yarn is WYS ‘Winter Icicle’ (878)

I sorted the Fettle Those Finishes 2023 link up post and wrote my list (it’s quite long. Again.) - the link is open until 11pm GMT on 28th February so lots of time to ponder what you want to tackle this year.

When I finished the pair of scrappy socks for a friend last month, I realised I had just about enough yarn to make another pair for her. Turns out I didn’t, I was about 250 stitches short of enough, but a grey I had in The Cupboard Of Possibilities was perfect for the very tip of the toes. (They were almost neon pink at one point until I saw sense. It was a close run thing, mind.)
And then I set to on an item from the waiting list which was only going to get bigger the longer I left it: knitting cards. I knit for a few different feet and my existing system of notes in a notebook which are then torn out and ‘filed’ was getting a little messy:
The ‘system’

So, after quite a lot of thinking about how best to record all the information I needed, I decided that index cards would be the best option: they’re robust so won’t get as worn as paper and they can be rearranged/removed/added to without impacting the other cards (unlike, say, a notebook/journal). I bought these and I didn’t know I had strong feelings about index cards until I met them, but I really do: they are lovely to write on. Or, you know, admire.
Then I had to gather and sort all the notes and all the photos of all the socks because as useful as a yarn name/number is, seeing the actual sock is handy, particularly as I’m using all the leftovers to knit scrappy socks. I have an album for socks I’ve knitted for other people:
And album of socks I’ve knitted for me:
And an album of socks I’ve knitted for Mam:
Then I set to writing out the cards. On the front are all the details I need to knit a pair of socks for those feet:
And on the back is a list of all the socks I’ve knitted for those feet, with yarn and needle details (where I had them) and which needles I used. (Might as well record all the information I had on the pages!)
And before I put them in the recycling bin, I took a side by side photo for posterity:
I think we can agree that the new system is a lot better

I’ve ordered a tin but while it travels to me, the knitting cards are living in an envelope. They need a tin because I’m going to keep them in my knitting bag and an envelope wouldn’t protect them quite as much. And you can’t beat a good tin!
I’ve just started a new sock:
And Mini Archie is keeping me on task:
I does like this Pointy Stick. Lightweight but strong. And verrrrrry pointy.

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  1. I love your new card system!!! That's brilliant. The socks look fantastic. Love how you make scrappy socks that look great together. The toes were a great selection. Thank you for the link-up. The month has flown by so fast.

  2. How pretty are your albums of socks! And yea! for index cards! The unsung hero of the stationery world 😊

  3. Wow, so many socks, well done! I also finished a few things hoping I'll continue in the same way...

  4. Lots of socks! They all look fab and I admire your organisation. Ive been really bad at keeping notes and often scribble on patterns, but I bought a knitting notebook back in 2019 and this year I'm actually using it. I think, from looking at your Fettling page that you'll have plenty to keep you. busy!

  5. Your socks are fantastic and I love your filing system. I hope your tin comes soon :)


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