Wednesday, 31 August 2022

Mini Archie’s August Furtle Around The Blogosphere

Archie The Wonder Dog

Furtle (v): to have a rummage or delve into the contents of something

Hello! I am, once again, unsure about where the month has gone. Scarily, I’m also unsure about how it’s almost September and so putting us two thirds of the way through the year. For many of us, September always feels more like the time of year you get a fresh start (new exercise books, freshly sharpened pencils and all that) and one of our band is getting a fresh start all of their very own: Happy retirement, Sheila!

Compared to starting retired life, what I’ve been up to seems dull by comparison, but I shall plough on. First up is (yet) another Lou Box top, this time in a dachshund cotton jersey from a local sells-everything-from-car-oil-to-fabric emporium. I can’t find it online in this colour, but here it is in black. (Yes, I am tempted, why do you ask?)
And another one, this time in a cotton jersey from Empress Mills 
(And I’m working on a pink version which didn’t want to be photographed déshabillé…)

I’ve knitted a pair of socks (well, more than one but this is the first pair) - these were started last month but missed photo day and were very miffed…
Yarn is from Made By Penguins who are having a mystery skein sale - run!

I knitted up the second of the scrappy sock ‘kits’ I assembled from my sock yarn leftovers in January. I generally have no idea what I’m going to do when I get the bag out of The Cupboard Of Possibilities (other than knit a pair of socks, obviously) unless I left myself a note when I packed it up, it’s mainly decided round by round and is by turns fun and ever so slightly stressful. I started with this:
A mix of Opal and Made By Penguins yarn
And finished with a pair of socks to warm my eyes and my feet this winter!
This time I wove the ends in as I was knitting and I prefer it to the clasped weft join

I turned a leftover from someone else’s sock yarn pantry into these:
A mix of WYS ‘Poppy Seed’ (0600) and an unnamed indie-dyed yarn

And I’ve just started another pair from the CoP:
Opal Navy (9930) and the leftover from the socks in this post

Mini Archie has been keeping me hard at work, as usual:
Just bringing it downstairs doesn’t count as working on it, you knows *hard stare*

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  1. AWWWWWW thank you so much! thats lovely, I will have a lovely retirement and will no longer stress about forgetting to publish my furtle! Thats a lot of lovely socks there! and those look sooper comfy tops xx

  2. Well done you've done quite a lot this month. No retired life here either! Back to school and back to work...

  3. Hi Helen, Your tops look nice and I love all those socks. I especially the red ones :)

  4. Such lovely finishes. *waves pompoms* Love those doxies in the shirt. Lovely, lovely cozy socks as usual.

  5. MA must have put a bug in Mr. Bear's ear as there is no more starting new projects until many-many are cleared off the docks. The only exception is going to a sewing session for charity. All the chums agree to keep me in on a tight reign. The list must be decreased!!!

    1. Oh, I suspect that’s been there for a while but has just been activated as there have been some secret meetings and training sessions going on at odd times (although now not odd now I know he’s been talking to your chums!) - I wonder who actually pressed the on switch?!

    2. Hmmmm! Is that why things have been so quiet lately? Thanks for the heads up. I'm guessing it was a group decision and when I bought those bag kits, it took everyone over the numerical limit. It really is for the best and it's making my life better.

    3. Probably! And yes, I suspect you’re right, you accidentally breached the upper limit! Good luck bringing the number down, you’re making brilliant progress with it all.

    4. Thank you so much for the wishes. Fingers and paws are crossed that lots of progress is made.

    5. Same here but with a pointy stick at the ready!


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