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Mini Archie's April Furtle Around The Blogosphere


Archie The Wonder Dog

Furtle (v): to have a rummage or delve into the contents of something

Hello! I started the month by casting on a new sock:

but quickly ended up knitting a split/hole in my left index finger (I push the needle back through with the tip of my finger and those needles are sharp so repeatedly doing it ends up being quite painful) so I put down the knitting and picked up the hand piecing.  I joined four blocks together into one big block: 

Then another one, doubling my hand piecing from last month:

And another:

And another:
And another, until all the single blocks were combined into big blocks:
Did I stop there? I did not, I carried on until all the big blocks were joined into one massive piece, which is the lower half of the top:

And then this happened:

Yes, a finished top! I can't quite believe it, I must admit.

I gave the final seam (across the middle) a press before taking this picture but couldn't face pressing the whole quilt again (each block was starched and pressed as it was finished, then again each time it was joined into a bigger block) when it's going to be folded away in a cupboard until I get the backing and wadding sorted. As you can see, there are lots of creases across it and they're from the way I organised the two halves to make them easier to manage when sewing that final seam. I folded each half up, wrong sides in (to protect the raw edges from further fraying), and then clipped them to keep them in place. I then pinned the intersections (and halfway between) on each block as I came to it (pinning the whole seam before starting is unnecessary and increases the risk of being attacked by pins): 

And then for one final hurrah, I traced all the Gnoma Clauses I have left over from making the front of my Winterkist quilt, so that I can attempt to work out what to do with them on the back. I was just going to trace the outline, but they looked a little odd (and were offended that I didn't want to take their whole portrait) so they ended up looking like ghost Gnomas instead:

I have a few more, but they're all repeats of Gnomas I have here (and are all grey) so I'm thinking of just having unique
Gnomas on the back.
 I'll see what I think when I lay them out, which will happen once I've flattened them all.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going for a lie down while I recover from the shock of all that hand piecing - I ended up sewing a hole in my other index finger, at least I have a matching pair now!

A lie down?  I doesn't fink so, you has loads of fings which still need doing. 

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  1. Oh my goodness, a hand pieced quilt top!!! Well done. I think you do deserve a lie down. And a little rest for your fingers. *pompom waves*

  2. Wow that's amazing and all hands pieced too, very well done!


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