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Fettle Those Finishes!

Welcome to Fettle Those Finishes! For those of you wondering what on earth 'fettle' means, it's one of those words which can mean different things. You can be in fine fettle (good health and feeling perky), you can fettle clay before firing (less of a dialect word, more of a technical one, that) and you can sort out/mend something or get it ready.  You might 'fettle that cupboard once and for all' (give it a good sort out), you might 'fettle the tension on that sewing machine' (fix it) or you might 'give it a fettle' (get it ready). For this, I'm using the 'sort out' definition as we're going to give our project list a good sort out and hopefully get some things crossed off. Flummoxed?  I do hope not!

As the Finish-Along is returning in 2021, this is just to tide us over until the end of the year. I'm going to concentrate on the things I stand a chance of finishing/making good progress on between now and then:

1. Scrappy trip blocks.  I've finished forty-four of them and have another twelve to go.  If I stick to my target of four blocks a month, that will be manageable.

2. Winterkist. This has been sitting on my FAL list since 2017. I've cut out the gnomes, designed the blocks and made an initial fabric pull. (In other words, I've done more in four weeks than I have in two and half years.) I'm not going to get this quilt (or even the top) finished by the end of the year, but I'm hoping to get some (if not all) of the cutting done.  It depends how long it takes me to move everything back into the sewing room.

3.  Jeans. I'm almost ready to start sewing these.  The initial rough fit has been done and I'm almost finished taking apart the tacking. Then I can do things like make the back pockets and insert the fly and sew the legs together. 

4.  ET Phone Home.  I'd like to get this layered and pinned, but, again, it depends on how long it takes me to sort the sewing room and cupboard once the work is finished as I can only layer and pin on my sewing table and that's currently under a pile of boxes. 

5. If I don't get back into my sewing room by the back end of the month, I might get the Summersville blocks out and see if I can lay them out and make a map.

As always, Mini Archie is keeping me on the straight and narrow:

What's that you says? A sensible lenf Fettling List? *puts paw to head* Is you feeling peely-wally?

Now it's your turn! Have a think about what you'd like to make/finish/make progress on between now and the end of the year - you could do what I've done and select the most likely candidates from your Finish-Along list, you could look at your Christmas present list and see what needs making, you could choose just one project to finally fettle once and for all; it's up to you! The link will close on 18th October and, if you could, it would be nice to visit some of the links (that's assuming there's more than one!) and leave an encouraging comment. Have fun choosing!

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I’ve added a new link up for those of you who missed the first one but fancy joining in. It’s open until 2nd November:

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

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  1. Oooooh, love your list. This is a brilliant idea to focus on what you can do in the quarter! Love the Gnomes!!! I will definitely put something together, it will still be in the FAL style with my ridiculously long list of EVERY planned project, but I will also put thought into the top priority items through the end of the year. Thanks so much for hosting a link-up for those of us continuing with the FAL-style. MA seems to be very supportive of your choices. Looking forward to seeing everyone else's lists!

    1. I thought it gave me chance to do things slightly differently from my FAL (which I’m still keeping up with) - this is what I do in my head at the start of each quarter anyway, but it’s nice to see it written down. Although I’m already thinking I’ve been far too ambitious! I think you and I might me the only fettlers, but we can cheer each other on. (And get more of Mini Archie’s attention... *grimaces*)

    2. Oh my, MORE of MA's attention?!?!?! Oh, and Trixie says she's ready to ask MA about getting involved with The Committee. I think it's a great to focus on the priority items like this. So lovely! I am ready with the pompoms for any progress you post!!! Any anyone else who may join us in the next few months.

    3. Yes, more. Marvellous, isn’t it? *eyes pointy stick* Mini Archie would be thrilled to introduce Trixie to The Committee and help her with the application and interview process, he thinks she’ll be a wonderful addition. Just what we need, more Committee members!

    4. I'm just laughing and smiling. Laughing and smiling!!! (sidles away from pointy sticks)

  2. Not sure I have managed the "focused" part!! But at least it is a little shorter than my FAL list... Yours is good,hope you get lots of finishes. Thanks for the linky party


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