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Mini Archie's July Furtle Around The Blogosphere

Archie The Wonder Dog

Hello! Time is definitely returning to normal, I think. Although the afternoons and evenings (particularly the latter) seem to be travelling very quickly, so maybe normally-moving is a way off yet?!

This month has been quite a busy month for sewing.  About halfway through it, I realised that there were six months left of the year (do I get a prize for that revelation?), that I have twenty-four low volume scrappy trip blocks left to make and that the first goes nicely into the second and I could have all the blocks made by the start of 2021 if I got a shift on. At that point, there were sixteen days left in July, so I had four days to make each block if I was going to stick to my newly-set target of four blocks a month. So far, I've managed three and am a good way through the fourth (I might have finished it before this post, but I've spent far too long wrestling with my elderly laptop and coaxing it into working) and here they are:

At the start of the month (I should probably swap this paragraph with the one above so I move through the month chronologically, but given my problems with photos and blogger last month, that's not a battle I'm prepared to fight today), I remembered that the end of quarter two of the Finish-Along was approaching, and although things seem to be on hold with that* I still like to aim for at least one finish a quarter.  I consulted my list and realised that the only thing I could possibly finish was the pin cushion.  I borrowed my friend's glue gun, got out my basket of pug pin cushion toiles, decided which fitted best, cut out some Oakshott, wished I had an extra hand, and made this little chap (who now lives with a pug-loving friend):

If anyone is interested, I worked out that you need a fabric circle 2.15 times the diameter of the egg cup - slightly larger is okay, slightly smaller is not.

(* I'm not sure what's happening with Finish-Along or whether it will be back once the pandemic settles down/burns out/a vaccine is found and distributed, but rest assured, Mini Archie (and Sheila Budsmam/Mindful Quilter have a plan to keep us in order if it doesn't return...)

Throughout this year, I've been slowly making progress on my Summersville quilt.  Last month, I was ready to attach the second pair of triangles to the nine patches and they're now on and pressed:

And I cut and attached the borders for the house blocks, too! It took about a week to cut the strips, about a week and a half to pin, sew and press the top and bottom strips, and another week and a half for the side strips. I'm really pleased with how the background looks with these blocks and how the thin border of dark grey accentuates the houses and looks like a window frame.

To try to make sure that I got a consistent narrow border which didn't get fatter and thinner as it went round the block, I sewed from the 'wrong' side: that is, I pinned the background strip on the underneath and sewed with the bulk of the block on the top. (I would usually have the piece I'm adding on the top when sewing.) This meant I could sew along the edge of the house-to-window-frame-seam allowance and so maintain a consistent line. I'm not sure that makes sense, but it does to me! If you're really curious, let me know and I'll take a picture.

I'm also pleased with how the three 'split' blocks have turned out and I took a photo of one of them so you could see:

All this means that I've hit a major milestone in this project: the blocks are all made!!  While I haven't had time to do any laying out, I couldn't resist a wee group photo:

I think I'll have to have the print in the nine patches pointing the other way as they look upside down to me in that photo, but other than that, I'm happy.  I think it's going to take a lot of work to get the blocks (all ninety-nine of them) laid out in an order I'm happy with and there are decisions to be made about whether all the nine patches point the same way and how to arrange the two different types of house block to name but two, but that's a problem for another month!  I'm hopeful that I might have a completed top by the end of the year.  (Hopeful, not confident!)

And that's it!  Quite a lot, it seems, but a lot of it (even the pug) is the result of work over the last few months (and years!) suddenly coming to fruition.

Mini Archie has, as ever, kept my nose to the grindstone:

You hasn't got time to be hanging around wif I, you has a list of eleven projects to finish and a destash to do so you can pay for mine new home and a new Cupboard Of Doom and a patio you keeps doing the splits on when it rains because it needs cleaning. Chip chop!

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  1. The Summersville quilt blocks are wonderful. I like the thin black border around them. Thank you for hosting!


  2. Oh, what great progress in July! Love the scrappy blocks. And the Summersville quilt is taking such terrific shape. What a great job you did on those narrow borders, that was a terrific idea to get the width just right. I do love MA's 'supportive' comments. LOL! Great job! *cheering crowd*

  3. It's nice to see someone getting some sewing done! Maybe I will have something for the August furtle... Today, at last, I could be sewing but it's so hot - 37c in my kitchen. I hope you are keeping a bit cooler in the north :)


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