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Mini Archie's June Furtle Around The Blogosphere

Archie The Wonder Dog

Hello!  I feel like time is (sort of) returning to normal because June feels like it's been about the right length.  I wonder whether July will follow suit? I hope you've had a good month and are ready for a furtle?

I haven't mentioned my first project at all until now, either here or on instagram, perhaps because I've been so caught up in the daily games of #WheresMiniArchie that posting anything else seemed a chore? After last month's Furtle, I realised my furtling had not been thorough and I hadn't mentioned two things I'd done/started in May - I think I'm on the Bad Furtlers list!

I knitted these socks for a friend (using my default cuff-down pattern from Regia, which comes free with Regia sock wool) and the yarn is Made By Penguins' rainbow speckle sparkle yarn in a merino/nylon 4ply.  I'm afraid you can't get it now as Lisa-Lou does a special range of dyed-to-order rainbow yarns each year and this year's have already been dyed.  It's still worth having a look as her yarn is gorgeous and quite the nicest yarn I've ever knitted with. Made By Penguins even has an app, which you can find in the Apple and android app stores. 

Here's a close up of the socks, you can just make out the gold sparkles among the rainbow speckles.

The other thing I've been working on this month is getting the background fabric attached to the nine patch blocks (see them here) to set them on point (I love a nine patch on point!). I've got two sides attached and the other two are pinned and ready to sew. These will be joining the embroidered Summersville blocks, once everyone has their background fabric attached.

It has taken longer than you would think to get to this point (even for me) because I had a problem with the bobbin thread when I sewed the first two sides on. On around forty to fifty of the hundred seams, the bobbin thread had snapped at some point along the seam, often more than once. This was usually where a pin had been but sometimes near a seam. The machine sews fine and the bobbin thread doesn't become unthread, it just breaks. Sometimes it breaks completely, other times one of the plies breaks and leaves the stitch hanging on by the skin of its teeth, but all those seams needed to be redone.

I unpicked twelve seams and restitched them with a different thread (Bottom Line (a 60 weight polyester thread), this time) and had only one break when I rattled over a pin (I always sew over pins, just not usually at speed!) so I was happy that the thread was strong enough and I then stitched over the top of the remaining eighty-eight seams with Bottom Line as I didn't trust the original thread not to break.  The next set of seams will be sewn with Gutermann Sew-All (also a polyester thread, 50 weight this time) and if I'm happy with it (I think I will be as it's what I use for dressmaking and I've had no problems with thread snapping), then the rest of this project will be sewn with it.

I mentioned that in my inferior furtling last month I'd missed out two things I'd been working on.  The first was the socks, the second was the backing for my ET Phone Home quilt (see it here (item three) on my FAL list for this quarter - you may notice that the socks aren't even on it! *hangs head in shame*). I bought this from Saira at Olive + Flo Handcraft from her backings section, which is well worth a look, and it's Art Gallery Fabrics and was only £5 a metre.  Yes, £5/m!! I know! Saira sent me all she had and it was just (and I mean just) enough for me to make the backing and pattern match. (Thank goodness for small repeats!) I had enough for two whole lengths and then split the remaining piece in half lengthwise and joined the short sides to make another length. I hand tacked the seams from the right side (I think there were two 90" seams and one 45") using a ladder stitch and folded back and machined over the tacks from the wrong side. Here's a picture of it folded, with one of the seams showing:

In case you can't see it, Mini Archie volunteered to point to it:
Mine Pointy Stick is useful for all sorts of fings!

Then he decided a close up was in order:

I finks you'll be able to see it now, yes?

Given that black is such a tricky colour to spot a seam on, he decided some better lighting was in order:
There, that's betterer!  You can definitely see it now!

Let's just say I'm glad that sewing is behind me, but it was well worth the hours of tacking!  (It's much easier than pinning and hoping because you're working from the right side and can see that everything is lined up - I'll be doing it again, hopefully on fabric which isn't black!)

P.S.  Is anyone else finding that there's all sorts of funny things happening with Blogger and picture/text alignment? I centre something and it jumps to the top of the post, then it's not centred anyway, then it displays as breaking up the text even though it isn't, then... I'm assuming it's to do with the new interface they're bringing in (which I've tried several times but unless you're on a PC and can hover the mouse over them, there doesn't seem to be a way of knowing what all the icons mean and I've lost posts and reverted them to draft more than once so I'm sticking with classic Blogger until I'm forced to move!)

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  1. How fabulous! I do agree the latest blogger update has made things a bit tricksy to work with! Those seams are fabulous!!! Well done xx

  2. wow! what pattern matching, that's fabulous!

  3. Fabulous matching! Well done on the backing fabric. That's a great process to use to match seams. I got lucky once with it. It took up to the flashlight for me to see the seam. Good thing MA was so helpful without poking. Love those socks!!! I am struggling with my list and trying to get finishes done in the next few days to finish out the quarter.

    1. Thank you - it’s a lovely process to do once you accept that it’s not going to be the work of a few minutes and is much better than pinning and hoping, I think. And yes, he can be really quite helpful when he wants to be, particularly if it involves sticks and a torch!

      I haven’t finished anything on my list - I’ve made good progress on Summersville and ET is ready to be layered (I think I’ll do that when I’ve got all the Summersville blocks made because I can use the sewing table for layering and the front room floor for block arranging), but nary a finish. Oh well, there’s always quarter three!

    2. I too am facing the hopeful finishes moving to quarter 3. Good think I got ONE done in Q2! The committee will have to make due with that among all the stressful messes of 2020. I feel like I did a lot, but lots of DrEAMi Squirrels distracting from 'the list'. I will say the Swaps sure did pay off. That was the most distracting, but so fulfilling! eHUGS! and Keep going!!! We will get those UFO's done one day, even if it's not today.

    3. At least we won’t have to do much work to get our list ready for Q3!! And one finish is far better than a duck egg...

      I think The Committee will be grateful if no one starts a new project each day of lockdown and doesn’t finish any of them! As it is, there seems to be quite a lot of finishes and a fair few starts and lots of paper flying round the meeting room. Swaps are fun, aren’t they? But time consuming, I find. And definitely worth it.

      Here’s to the day we have just one thing on our list!

  4. The socks look so pretty, a perfect gift. Well done with the seams.

    Thank you so much for hosting!


  5. I always enjoy seeing your socks, you knit so beautifully.I feel your unpicking pain though, have done quite a bit of it myself the last couple of days.

  6. Your socks are looking wonderful. I love the ribbed heels and the yarn is lovely.And Little Archie looks like a very helpful assistant. I hope you are both keeping well and blogger sorts itself out for you :)

  7. where would we be without our stitch rippers? The most vital tool in anyone's sewing box.
    I must just say, as I have been hiding behind Boris's shield, hunting Mini Archie has been one of the highlights of the last few months. And I mean that most sincerely folks x

  8. wow that seam on the black fabric - not sure that I did see it even with MA doing such a fabulous job of shining the torch !! sounds like a pain with all that unstitching - I use Gutermann for most of my patchwork too. Also love those speckled rainbow socks :)


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